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Founded by two lawyers with
an obsession for podcasts.

The problem they continued to encounter as podcast fans is reliably finding new ones.

There are about 400,000 podcasts available in the iTunes library, and no reliable way to surface the best ones on demand.

We have big plans to evolve the site into a place where intelligent and restlessly outspoken people like you and us can congregate and start to drive the podcast discourse.

But until then we need you to help us fill WhatPods with genuine, organic reviews, ratings, vibrant discussion and commentary.

We could’ve loaded WhatPods with fake reviews and ratings, or just nicked them from iTunes, to give the impression we’re worthy of the world’s attention.

But we want genuine, independent, informed and useful reviews, not filler gibberish.

To that end, we need intelligent, thoughtful devotees with a critical, thoughtful mind to share their love for everything podcast.

Happy reviewing!

The Hot/Not system

The WhatPods Hot or Not system is our rating system for judging the quality of a podcast. Reviewers are invited to rate a podcast with a Hot or Not selection. We then collate all the votes and publish an overall rating based on the number of Hot/Not votes.



What are Editorial Points?

On WhatPods, you earn EPs relative to your contribution of reviews, ratings, comments, upvotes and other activities. It’s our system for identifying and acknowledging prolific and elite commentators.

Podcasting is free and democratised media, where any individual with a mic and a story to tell can distribute content that appeals to a mass audience.

In that spirit, we apply an equally democratic process to surface and bring to mainstream attention a new, untapped generation of media critic.

WhatPods has five levels of editorial prowess: Cadet Reviewer, Associate Reviewer, Senior Reviewer, Associate Editor and Senior Editor.



The only way you can rise up the ranks is to demonstrate your durable capacity to positively contribute to the international podcast discourse.

As the podcasting medium continues to proliferate mainstream media, and as WhatPods develops its reputation in the international community, we will seek to have those with the highest levels of achievement (Senior Reviewers, Associate Editors and Senior Editors) represent us as ambassadors on all platforms where they contribute their opinions and commentary.

Until then, we look forward to watching a new generation of media commentators emerge from the pages of our humble website.