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We want hosts on WhatPods to trade skills and knowledge, which works best when those with more experience teach those with less experience. To that end, we assign all hosts a belt color, based on what we know about their experience podcasting. 

The belt colors

How is my belt color calculated? 

We use a range of data points to calculate each host’s belt color. If you disagree with the color we’ve assigned you, raise it in an email to [email protected].

How does my belt color improve? 

One guaranteed method for improving your belt color is to contribute to the community (Hint: the more help you give hosts with lower belt colors, the quicker your belt color will improve).

Can I filter what I see on WhatPods by belt color? 

Yep. In the community you can filter submissions by host belt color and on the network you can filter hosts by belt color. 

Got another question about the belt system? 

Send it in an email to [email protected].