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Community Rules

WhatPods is a place for interested, balanced and intelligent people to come together and drive forward the international podcast conversation.

We ask all new site visitors and members to read, understand and observe these Rules of Engagement while on the site.

If you go on to contribute in some way to WhatPods, thank you. It’s only through your contribution that WhatPods can become what it hopes to.

You shouldn’t contribute if:

❄️ You plan to bully.

❄️ You plan to victimise.

❄️ You plan to vilify.

❄️ You plan to troll.

❄️ You plan to manipulate our rankings by leaving intentionally misleading reviews.

You should contribute if:

🔥 You’re a rusted-on podcast listener.

🔥 You want to express your opinions and be recognised for them.

🔥 You’re often keen to share your opinions about your favourite podcasts.

🔥 You have thoughtful opinions about the shows and content you listen to.

🔥 You want to be recognised as a legitimate podcast critic and thought leader.

🔥 You’re always up for a healthy debate, and you want to experience opposing views about the podcasts you listen to.