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Be Influential.

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WhatPods started as listening tips two lawyers gave to friends over dinners, and has evolved into an obsession for guiding what podcasts others listen to.

This site is a place for intelligent and influential people to congregate and drive vibrant commentary around the podcasts they love.

We’re looking for podcast mavens- those unique few who listen to more podcasts than most and have built valuable listening wisdom through their experience.

We’d love you to share that wisdom here, and become an influential cog in the international podcast listening machine.

To start, sign up as a Cadet Reviewer.

Tickle your intellect.

You earn Editorial Points relative to your contribution of reviews, ratings, comments, upvotes and other activities. It’s our way of identifying elite commentators.

There are five levels of editorial prowess: Cadet Reviewer, Associate Reviewer, Senior Reviewer, Associate Editor and Senior Editor.

Become a WhatPods' reviewer, editorial badges

We will seek to have those with the highest levels of achievement represent us as ambassadors on all platforms where they contribute their opinions and commentary. Until then, we look forward to watching a new generation of media commentators emerge from the pages of our humble website.

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