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Neumann TLM103






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Clip from Naturally Supernatural with Darren Hibbs and Caleb Harper using the Neumann TLM103
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Why buy the Neumann TLM103?

If you’re a seasoned podcasting professional ready for a serious upgrade in equipment, there’s every chance the Neumann TLM103 will tickle your fancy. Manufactured by one of the legends of the recording equipment industry, you certainly won’t be disappointed when it comes to performance and durability. Here are our top three reasons to buy the TLM103:
  • Stellar sound — Because the TLM103 is a large diaphragm mic, its sound output is tangibly rich and vibrant in all settings. For podcasters, that means your voice will always sound great, almost no matter the recording environment.
  • Perfect for podcasting — The TLM103 has a cardioid polar pattern and a low self-noise level, which makes it a great broadcaster’s mic, perfect for podcasting.
  • Manufacturing — As we said, above, Neumann is one of the legends of the recording equipment industry. A German company, based in Berlin, the company’s been making mics since 1928 and lays claim to manufacturing the world’s first commercially-available condenser mic. What this boils down to is trust, trust that you’re buying a mic backed by decades of engineering knowledge and experience.

Under the hood

  • Patterns: Cardioid
  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 5.2 in (6.10 x 13.21 cm)
  • Weight: 0.99 pound (450 grams)
  • Consumption: 3 mA
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz ... 20 kHz
  • Max SPL: 138 dB