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Avantone microphones

With Avantone’s distinctive Cabernet Red finish, slick retro styling, and collaborations with mixing legend Chris Lord-Alge, you’d never know that Avantone is, in fact, a company that prioritizes affordability. With build quality and performance which belies its low MSRP, Avantone offers a number of stylish options for sound conscious podcasters.


Avantone CV-12

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Many working musicians swear by Avantone’s condenser mics as they offer an airy, full sound without breaking the bank. These retro-inspired beauties work just as well for podcasters as they do for vocalists. But it’s not only Avantone microphones that podcasters need to take note of: Avantone’s monitors, accessories, and stylish headphones may be hard to resist as well.  

Avantone Condenser Microphones

Avantone is known for the quality of its condenser microphones and prides itself on offering “mod” level components on its stock equipment, with FET circuitry and all-metal construction. (Most lines also have a ‘plus’ option for upgraded internals as well.) Looking for a large diaphragm condenser microphone? Click here to view models by popularity. Need an XLR mic? View the best models here.  
Avantone Pro CK-6 Classic Large-diaphragm FET Condenser Microphone
  It’s hard to find a better sounding Large-diaphragm Condenser mic for under $150, which is why podcasters are increasingly discovering the Avantone Pro CK-6. A classic condenser with a Cardioid pattern, the CK-6 is ideal for solo podcasters in a home studio. The CK-6  includes onboard -10 dB pad and 80 Hz LF roll off switches to combat noise and distortion. Avantone includes a custom retro shockmount to protect the CK-6’s high-quality metal construction from vibrations and a carrying case for travel.  
Avantone CK-6+ Large Capsule Multi-Pattern FET Condenser Microphone
  The same features and form factor as the Avantone CK-6 but with upgraded internals worthy of the best “modded” microphones.  The Avantone CK-6+ features high grade Polystyrene and Metalized Polypropylene capacitors and a dual backplate 34mm 6 micron capsule. The CK 6+ also upgrades to a slick metal carrying case and wooden mic case .
Avantone CK-7 Large Capsule Multi-Pattern FET Condenser Microphone
  The CK-7 from Avantone features the same all-metal construction and retro styling as the CK-6, but adds an upgraded capsule and a flexible polar pattern. Along with -10db pad & 80 hz roll off switches, the CK-7 allows users to easily switch between cardioid, omni, and figure 8 polar patterns. The figure 8 pattern is particularly useful for podcasting applications since it allows two people to address the mic from opposite sides. If you plan on using your Avantone mic for more than one person, it’s worth the upgrade from the CK-6 to the CK-7. Custom retro shockmount also included.
Avantone CK-7+ Large Capsule Multi-Pattern FET Condenser Microphone
  An upgrade on the Avantone CK-7, the Avantone CK-7+ features “hot rod” level internals, including high grade Polystyrene and Metalized Polypropylene capacitors and a dual backplate 34mm 6 micron capsule.  
Avantone CV-12 Multi-Pattern Large Capsule Tube Condenser Microphone
  Typically WhatPods recommends traditional condenser microphones over tube condenser models, since tubes are more difficult to work with, but the rich, warm sound of the Avantone CV-12 deserves mention. Perfect for vocals, spoken word, or instrument recording, this surprisingly affordable tube condenser gives off oodles of vibes, but not at the cost of clarity. Like the CK-7 and CK-7+, this Avantone mic has multiple polar pattern options, making it flexible for close-mic’d voiceovers and across-the-table recordings alike. Fitted with high quality Russian tubes, and Avantone’s upgraded large condenser capsule, the CV-12 vintage sound is hard to replicate at this price. Includes custom shockmount and wooden case.  
Avantone BV-1 Tube Condensor Microphone
  With an MSRP of $999, this is an ultra-premium solution for podcasters looking for rich, silky spoken word recordings. The BV-1s distinctive look models vintage tube vocal mics, and it’s a standout in any studio. The internals feature a premium dual 34mm gold sputtered thin Mylar capsule assembly and a hand-selected Low-Noise Russian 6072A tube. 9 polar pattern options means the BV-1 is flexible in studio, and  handy -10 db pad and 80hz roll off switches keep noise and distortion down. A premium microphone travel case and retro shockmount complete the package.  


Podcasters looking for premium studio sound will appreciate Avantone’s mix of quality components, retro styling, and an affordable price point. While large-diaphragm condenser microphones like the CK-6 and CK-7 are ideal choices for podcast narration, Avantone also offers premium tube mics and professional grade monitoring option for podcasters who are serious about audio.