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WhatPods + Podcast Hosts

We don’t need to tell you twice: podcasting is hard. The work required just to launch a show is brutal, let alone the never-ending demand that follows, to create compelling content every single day.

We’re here to help.

WhatPods was born with a commitment to help great podcasts, no matter how big or small, find hungry ears and our team is working around the clock to make that happen.

If you’re a host who wants to expand the reach of your show and tap into new audiences, you can use us to help.

1. Ask your listeners for episode endorsements

The most important thing you can do is encourage your listeners to support you on WhatPods. At the beginning and end of each episode, invite your listeners to endorse the episode on WhatPods.

“Don’t forget to endorse this episode on WhatPods”

Calling for listeners to endorse each of your new episodes will improve the chances of them rising to the ranks of the daily episode charts that appear on the WhatPods’ homepage.

Every day, episodes that receive the most endorsements are ranked on the POPULAR tab on the daily charts, and at the end of each 24-hour period we send an email to our community members with the top 5 episodes for that day.

2. Ask your listeners for show reviews

You should also encourage your listeners to submit a rating and a review on WhatPods.

On top of endorsing individual episodes, listeners can leave ratings and reviews of their favorite shows. Those ratings are aggregated and the most popular shows will appear in our all-time rankings of top shows.

3. Participate in a host AMA

Finally, you should participate in a WhatPods’ Host AMA.

AMAs give your listeners the chance to ask you their burning questions about their work, and are a fantastic way for you to engage with them outside of the standard host-listener relationship. Email us now to book an AMA.