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Official host button, WhatPods.com

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We don’t need to tell you twice: podcasting is hard.

The work required just to launch a show is brutal, let alone the never-ending demand that follows, to create compelling content every single day, week, or month.

Then there’s the need to manage a website, two or three social media accounts, and, if you’re lucky, advertisers.

Pile on family and personal commitments and the sheer workload is enough to make mere mortals shudder.

And, despite all that crippling work, the heartbreaking fact is that only 1 or 2% of the half a million podcasts available on iTunes break into the mainstream listening market.

We’re here to help bear some of the load.

WhatPods was born with a commitment to help great podcasts, no matter how big or small, find hungry ears and our team is working around the clock to make that happen.

We have excellent relationships with a growing number of show hosts and we’re determined to help them be rewarded for their superb work.

If you’re a host who wants to expand the reach of your show and tap into new audiences, you can use us to help.

Below are some tips we give hosts to get in front of the thousands of hungry podcast listeners who visit WhatPods every week.

Following these tips will seriously increase the chances of your show featuring prominently to our growing and obsessive readership.

“People rate us on WhatPods. Have you?”

On WhatPods, every podcast available on iTunes is made available for the public to rate and review. Here is an example of one such podcast. 

Reviewers are encouraged to mark their review with a Hot or Not rating, depending on how they feel about the show.

In a few months’ time, we will be unlocking our official ratings leaderboard, which will rank all of the podcasts rated on WhatPods, from the highest rated to the lowest rated.

If you’d like to see your show at the top of those rankings, you should encourage your listeners and fans to leave a Hot rating and a positive review.

Invite your listeners to leave a rating

The best way to do this is to invite your listeners to leave a rating on WhatPods.com at the beginning and end of each episode of your show.

Add our hosts’ button to your website 

You can also add our Hosts’ Rating button to one of the more prominent pages of your website.

Official host button, WhatPods.com

The code for the button is below. All you have to do is find the link to your podcast on WhatPods.com and add it into the code snippet, where it says YOUR WHATPODS LINK. 

Then you can copy the code and paste it into your website and the button will appear, linking back to your WhatPods listing page. For assistance, email [email protected].

<a href=YOUR WHATPODS LINK><img src=http://whatpods.com/hosts-button/ style=width:300px alt=People rate us on Whatpods.com. Have you?/></a>

Promote your inclusion on a WhatPods countdown

We publish a new podcast countdown every week. To see if your show has made a countdown in your genre, you can see each one under the “Countdowns” menu item.

If your show is fortunate enough to have made a countdown, you should promote it heavily as only a small percentage of shows make the countdowns.

The best way to do this is to add to your website the official badge for the countdown you were included in, like this one for our list of the top Australian true crime podcasts:

Large badge, WhatPods Top True Crime Podcasts of all time

If you made one of our countdowns, you can request the code for the relevant badge by emailing us at [email protected].

How do I make a countdown?

At the bottom of each countdown is a search box you can use to recommend your podcast for inclusion. Simply search your show and hit submit. We’ll get an email with the recommendation and, after listening, will strongly consider including it.

Keep making great content

Of course, the simplest way to promote yourself on WhatPods is to continue making great content.

Our team listens to over 100 new podcasts every week and if we haven’t stumbled across your show yet, there’s a good chance we will.