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From the producers of Up and Vanished and HowStuffWorks, Atlanta Monster aims to tell the true story of one of Atlanta’s darkest secrets, almost 40 years later.

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  • Kate Slack

    6 months, 6 days ago

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    If you aren’t listening to Atlanta Monster, get onto it! A brand new series from HowStuffWorks and Tenderfoot TV, Atlanta Monster is a multi-part series dedicated to investigating the serial murders of black children from impoverished neighbourhoods that gripped the city of Atlanta from 1979 to 1981. Wayne’s World is the fifth episode to be released (on 2 February 2018) and focuses on Wayne Williams, the man who was convicted of the murder of two young adults, but was widely believed by law enforcement to be the Atlanta Monster. Typical of series belonging to this genre, Wayne’s World is the episode where listeners are presented with Williams’ version of events and the view of his supporters, including, surprisingly, many of the parents and families of the murdered children. Of course, you need to start listening to this riveting podcast from episode one, but given that they’re only five episodes in, now is the perfect time to get on board and binge until next week’s instalment is released. You won’t regret it.

  • Shannon Ballard

    4 months, 19 days ago

    I was so excited about this podcast and it was strong for the first few episodes but as the episodes moved on, it felt off topic at times and as though the true subject matter of the podcast was lost.