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Sam Pang and Jonathan Brown catch up with Browny’s team mates from the 2002 Brisbane Lions Premiership win.

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  • Tom Slack

    9 months, 18 days ago

    Did these guys get drunk and decide to do a podcast?

    I love big Browny and Sam Pang, but I'm not sure this one was worth broadcasting. It kinda feels like they made the decision to do the show at a pub, after a few too many beers, and didn't put too much thought or energy into it beyond that. It's good to hear Browny and his old premiership teammates reminiscing about the '01-'03 golden era of the Brisbane Lions, but I was hoping the show would be a lot more engaging than it turned out to be. If you're a Brisbane Lions fan, you might enjoy it but there's a really good chance you won't.