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  • History on Fire!

    Apart from Melvyn’s coughing, spluttering.& interrupting historians at inopportune times, this podcast series is brilliant. Every topic under the sun is tackled, with world experts brought in for an in-depth panel discussion. The ancient history topics are particularly enlightening & entertaining.

  • True Crime Guys

    It's Hot

    Great podcast

    True crime with a bit of humor.

  • Everything you did not know about UK History

    I am surprised this is only 18th. By far my fave and it is NOT for someone wanting a rough overview. This is is history for history lovers and when there is uncertainty, Jamie points it out and gives you all sides. I’m on episode 250 and Alfred the Great just died in the year 897. I said it is for those who want to know what we know and wow is it ever a story. You will never use the term dark ages again.

  • Drums

    Music has tied us Keyboards & Pianos https://fas.st/NNXXI Drums & Percussion https://fas.st/Vay4s String Instruments https://fas.st/32jbD

  • TCG

    I love Nic and the Captain!! I love this podcast!! They do deep dives into the cases!!

  • Unique Small town murders

    Listening from Australia, I love to hear the descriptions of these historic towns and their humble beginnings. Followed by a extensively researched murder told by comedian's. What is not to love! It's hilarious! My favourite thing about Thursdays!

  • Enjoyable deep dives

    Not always keen on Fradd's guests, but Matt is a great host and usually makes it interesting listening.

  • Great Pandemic Companion

    Love it, it's been my working-from-home pandemic companion for the past few months.

  • 5/5, would recommend

    Always interesting, always unique. Adds a new book to my reading list quite frequently with their recommendations

  • Lore

    It's Hot

    Best ever!

    Awesome! Strongly recommended!

  • Perfectly Balanced, Always Interesting

    Truly excellent true crime podcast with hints of heart here and there. By this I mean while no gritty detail is spared in the telling there is always a human element to each episode. Care is taken to remind the listener every now and then that these are people and their loved ones, but it's not maudlin or over the top, just an occasional respectful phrase here and there. It's extremely well researched and scripted and Mr. Anonymous has a wonderful voice. Absolutely my go-to podcast.

  • The Black Tapes

    It's Hot

    Good story

    I enjoyed this podcast it was a good suspense story and kept you wondering where the story would go. It is definetly worth trying if you can get over that the narrator was quite annoying to listen to. The last episode's ending could have been better.


    It's Hot

    Unique story

    This was a good mystery/sci fi story. The narrator did get a bit annoying to listen to at times.

  • Limetown

    It's Hot

    Good mystery

    A well told story that keeps you engaged.


    It's Hot

    Give it a try

    Engaging story line, odd in a good way.

  • Steal the Stars

    It's Not

    Not a fan

    Tried a few episodes, just could not get into the stories and did not care about the characters.

  • Great Horror podcast

    This is one of my favorite podcasts. Some stories are better than others, but the narrator is phenominal. Listened to 3/4 of the podcast will be sad when I get to the end since they are not making anymore seasons.

  • Uncanny County

    It's Hot

    funny modern day twilight zone

    Funny podcast reminscent of twilight zone. Not many episodes easy listening, enjoyed while working from home.

  • Verified

    It's Hot

    Couchsurfing and Italian legal system

    This podcast is told through the lens of the women who survived and brought a monster to justice. The podcast looks at the markings of a serial predator and how he disguised himself multiple times on the internet (bringing up questions about how trustworthy are 'verified' identities and reviews on platforms). Highly recommend a listen!

  • Kakapo are Fascinating Birds

    This podcast expertly reveals the behind the scenes on the ground teams of people that assist the Kakapo birds. The podcast looks at what it takes to try and bring a species back from the brink of extinction and why people do this work. Kakapo are amazing birds and I love that there is a podcast out in the world for them. Strongly recommend a listen!

  • Without Fail

    It's Hot

    amazing, Without Fail each week

    Without Fail is produced and edited by the founder of Gimlet media. The interviews are well done and the interviewees always have a fascinating story to tell. Strongly recommend a listen!

  • TheAbbie

    It's Hot

    How to mind your own business?

    I was walking past the mental hospital the other day, and all the patients were shouting, ’13….13….13.’ The fence was too high to see over, but I saw a little gap in the planks, so I looked through to see what was going on. Some idiot poked me in the eye with a stick! Then they all started shouting, ’14….14….14.’

  • Floodlines

    It's Hot

    New Orleans

    This podcast looks at the vibe of New Orleans before and after Hurricane Katrina. What happened during Hurricane Katrina and why. Why a humanitarian crisis was treated akin to a war zone and touches on the deep scars and impact this had on the residents of New Orleans. Well done and strongly recommend a listen!

  • what is big deal?!

    Makes shit I would normally not care about fun to listen to! Keep it up Suckmaster!

  • The only career advice you'll need

    I was looking for a podcast to help set my career goals for the year ahead and this podcast delivers exactly that. If you are even thinking about bringing your 2020 vision to life, then listen to this...now. What you waiting for!?

  • Trace - Trace

    It's Hot

    Bang on


  • Trace Evidence

    It's Hot

    Love it!

    I never miss this podcast. Do yourself a favor & check it out.

  • The Dream

    It's Hot

    Multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes in disguise

    The creation, economics and trends found in multi-level marketing companies and the mark they leave on their workers and local economies. This podcast also looks at the shift in legal semantics from pyramid schemes to multi-level marketing companies (modern pyramid schemes in disguise). Strongly recommend a listen.

  • Monograph

    It's Hot


    I've heard it's hot anyway. I'd watch if you were on YouTube.

  • Spectacular Failures

    The title says it all, Spectacular Failures - this podcast is stories about companies with big ideas that go belly up. The stories are well told and explain some of the business decisions that lead up to or emerge from these spectacular failures. Strongly recommend a listen!

  • Nice Try!

    It's Hot

    Tried and mostly failed utopias

    Nice Try! is an excellent podcast that tells stories of attempted utopian societies and their relative measures of success and failure. These stories are enthralling and well done. Strongly recommend a listen!

  • Great Reporting

    This show dives into fascinating stories about landmark moments in sports history and intriguing stories just about the people involved in the sport. Each episode is masterfully crafted and a well presented. Highly recommend a listen! I don't know that much about sport and I don't follow any sports but I really enjoyed listening to this podcast.

  • Short Wave

    It's Hot

    Science Tidbits

    Short Wave is full of interesting facts and studies that currently happening in various fields. Learn something new every time. Love the information and the episodes are short and well produced. Strongly recommend a listen!

  • Criminal Broads

    It's Hot

    Fun and factual true crime

    I love this podcast! It’s great for people who like thoughtful, well-researched true crime history. I really like the female focus.

  • Invisible Choir

    It's Hot


    Deeply disturbing. Dark content matter but really well done.

  • Best Cycling Sports Podcast

    Been following these guys almost since they started. Use them as a model for onsite podcast recording. Well done. Informative and timely insights into the professional cycling world of teams, owners and riders. Highly recommended.

  • Well Produced

    Good information, great sound, regular informative.

  • Politically relavent

    Season one covers Watergate and season two covers Bill Clinton's presidency. Both seasons report on historically important events in USA's past. Season one pairs really well with Rachel Maddow's Bagman podcast which is about Spiro Agnew, Nixon's vice president. Both seasons are about presidents who had impeachment proceedings against them. Nice reporting and important in understanding the USA government. Recommend a listen!

  • S-Town

    It's Hot

    A unique story and a S-Town

    When I introduced the first few episodes to my mother, she said that was definitely some of the most creative writing she had heard in a long time. When I told her that if was all a true story (and pulled up a news article as proof) she demanded we listen to all the episodes over again. All in all we probably listened to the season at least three times in a row. The podcast is a wild ride and full of twists and turns. The reporting and presentation style is unique and enthralling. Strongly recommend a listen! This podcast is not like any other.

  • The Habitat

    It's Hot

    Mars endurance testing

    Interviewing the human test subjects of a NASA experiment. This podcast was interesting. The podcast focused mostly on the interactions between the crew but the whole concept of this experiment? was intriguing. Easily bingeable and interesting crew personalities. Recommend a listen!

  • National Geographic in in-depth audio form

    Learn something new everytime. I googled the zombie mice of Marion island and albatrosses and wow! is it scarring imagery. Each episode brings you too experts and researchers in the field and highlights something new about our planet. Recommend a listen!

  • The Dropout

    It's Hot


    The Dropout is a story of how networking and self promotion can take you far without actually having any valid results. This story reveals how the secretiveness of the silicon valley startups and businesses can be a double edged sword. Fascinating, true story of dreams turned into intimidation tactics and very real threats of litigation. Strongly recommend a listen!

  • Sports with a bit of true crime and a lot of head trauma

    Although this podcast does address the issue of repeated head trauma in football; the podcast focuses on all the warning signs, bent rules, and ignored red flags that lead to the crimes committed by Aaron Hernandez. The podcast brings into question how the violent and aggressive behavior was fostered and the consequences when society turns a blind eye and does not stop and try and help. Very interesting. Recommend a listen!

  • 2038

    It's Hot

    Learn something new everytime

    The speculation in this podcast ties into current trends, studies and politics. Every episode I learned about a new topic or study and the experts interviewed bring so much to each episode. I really enjoy this podcast. Recommend a listen!

  • True Crime Comedy Podcast

    This is a true crime comedy podcast - sure the hosts present the weekly stories as a book report presentation, but the banter, sensitivity to social issues and families, and focus on how to keep moving in the face of such extreme horror in the world make this podcast different from other true crime podcasts out there. The hosts are great presenters and dispense memorable advice on how to 'stay sexy and not get murdered'.

  • Patient Zero

    It's Hot

    The myths and stories surrounding Lyme disease

    Lyme disease is often shrouded in myth and obscure symptoms. This podcast looks to peel back some of these layers and look at the truth - or as much of the truth - behind the disease. Every episode I am learning more and more about Lyme and I am sure at some point I may be convinced I have contracted Lyme disease but definitely an informative and interesting listen. Hypochondriacs beware. Fascinating podcast - recommend a listen!

  • Last Seen

    It's Hot

    A massive art heist

    Last Seen looks at one the most expensive art heist in the world and why none of the art was ever recovered. This story is fascinating and bizarre. Well produced and researched. Strongly recommend a listen!

  • Fascinating stories

    Season one's "Tally" and Season two's "Joe Exotic" are stories filled with intrigue and twists and turns. Excellently produced and edited. These stories are so wild, it is hard to believe they are all true, but life can be stranger than fiction. Highly recommend a listen!

  • Criminal

    It's Hot

    Wonderfully Produced

    Criminal is elegantly produced and touches on various aspects of crimes or criminals. Every time I listen I feel I learned not only a new story but a new perspective. The stories are researched and expertly told and form a bit sized must listen to story in my feed. Strongly recommend a listen!

  • Believed

    It's Hot

    Relevant and important.

    This podcast expertly addresses the stories and politics around a horrific series of events and lends a voice to those who were so long silenced. The story told is important to our time. The voices need to be heard and understood. Highly recommend a listen - this is a podcast one cannot afford to ignore!

  • Bear Brook

    It's Hot

    The story just gets wilder

    The podcast is full of twists and turns that just increase in their wildness as more potential clues start to emerge. The incorporation of DNA testing and the way it was used in this case is fascinating. The craziness that emerged behind this case is another thing entirely. Strongly recommend a listen - esp. if you are looking for true crime.

  • Earthquakes are real

    The Big One definitely put earthquakes in a new perspective for me and now I am stashing water bottles everywhere I go. Very informative about what you need to do to prepare for an earthquake (esp. the San Andreas fault one), the incredible likelihood surrounding the big one along with an estimated timeline, and stories from experts and people who had survived previous earthquakes. A must listen if you live near a fault line, visit places near a fault line, or ever anticipate a fault line becoming incorporated into your life somehow.

  • Embedded

    It's Hot

    Fascinating reporting

    A deeper dive into the politicians, politics and social ramifications of more current events in America. The background unearthed on some politicians is informative. Definitely a bit one sided in reporting on some stories but very interesting. Recommend a listen!

  • Bag Man

    It's Hot

    The trials of Spiro Agnew

    The podcast tells the story of Spiro Agnew in the light of the current political stage. There are the fashioning of parallels between the times, but the story of Spiro Agnew itself is fascinating and well worth a listen - one of those too outrageous to be fabricated moments in history.

  • Impacting the world

    The in-depth reporting in the Teacher's Pet has not only lead to a changing in the case, but also uncovered other crimes that are actively being investigated. The story needed to be told and too long have there been no answers. The Teacher's Pet is influential and well worth a listen, the story told is important.

  • Dr. Death

    It's Hot

    Informative and terrifying

    Dr. Death is a terrifying story of what a terrible set of circumstances and unethical practice can produce. This podcast changed how I view references and advice. The line discerning law and medical practice was shifted. Recommend listening to and becoming aware!

  • Raw emotional rollercoaster of a second season

    iO may not be the most unbiased of hosts but it is iO's closeness and personal connection to the story that adds so much more to this podcast listening adventure. The Ballad of Billy Balls is an emotionally powerful ride and definitely a unique podcast listen. Take a listen for yourselves!

  • Uncover

    It's Hot

    Interesting reporting

    Recommend listening to a season that intrigues you! Season 1 is interviewing a childhood friend of the host who escaped NXIVM. Season 2 was about a sabotaged plane flight. Season 3 investigated murders and the social movements in Toronto's gay village. Season 4 looks at the string of missing people in a small, bucolic town and the implications of why so many went missing.

  • In the Dark

    It's Hot

    In-depth reporting

    In the Dark does their research and address important social implications that affect the cases they are reporting on. Amazing investigative reporting and beautifully crafted. Socially important and changing the real world. Highly recommend listening to every episode!

  • Dirty John

    It's Hot

    Crazy story

    Dirty John sheds light on the manipulative and entrenching process a grifter/Dirty John can have over someone’s life and people around them. Informative and intense crime.

  • News quiz with a laugh

    Wait, wait don’t tell me is a fun way to digest pieces of the news, current affairs, bizarre science studies, and whatnot along with meeting fascinating guests all with lots of laughs. The host Peter Sagal and his panel do an amazing job of bringing humor to the news and I always learn a new fact or two along the way. Highly recommend a listen!

  • Favorite podcast

    Hilarious show! Great facts - not very practical for everyday use but marvelous conversational tidbits. Love the hosts and flow. Beautiful crafted podcast filled with excellent trivia. Absolutely recommend for a listen!

  • Sword and Scale

    It's Hot


    I enjoy Mike Boudet's narrative style. He has a way of putting you right in the middle of the action. Some of the shows and subject matter are upsetting, so it's not for kids or the faint of heart. But if you really want to understand how dangerous the world we live in can be and how dangerous the people around you can be, this is your show.



  • Great Pod

    A really well researched podcast with hosts that are really enjoyable to listen too .Getting better all the time.Highly recommend

  • Midtown Mythos

    It's Hot

    casual role play and kitten pauses

    Idk how "great" I can say this podcast is, but the cast is just fucking charming. They got their fair share of audio issues and of getting distracted by kitties, but God damn I just wanna sit down with em and play a 72hour game (even tho I've never played a tabletop RPG once in my life) luv u Bran, luv u Null, luv u Itsy...I'm still wondering where that first guest went tho? wasn't he like supposed to chase down Alex or something?

  • Word Salad Radio

    It's Hot

    There's a reason to love this.

    A frankensteinian mishmash of different loosely related ideas, the central underpinning of which is that sometimes the best movies and TV aren't the popular ones. You probably won't fall in love with everything. But there's almost certainly something in here that will catch your interest.

  • Inspired Lunacy

    I'm a new listener who has a lengthy backlog to work through, but I am addicted to the mayhem on display here.

  • By far my favorite podcast

    I have 236gb of unlistened to podcasts on my phone, but DRT is so good I've downloaded and am in the process of listening to it all over again. The writing is fantastic and hilarious, and the acting sells every line. I can't recommend this podcast enough.

  • Remarkable!

    I'm not a fan of kids, but there's something so utterly endearing about the dynamic between little Alistair and his dad Jef that it overrides. It doesn't hurt that there's a clear love for every stripe of horror.

  • Consider me hooked.

    I'm still relatively new to the show, having only heard 10 episodes so far, but consider me hooked. The episodic nature of individual episodes, crossed against the larger overview plot, is deliciously thrilling and a great way to lure in listeners and KEEP them.

  • Chills and Laughs

    A winning cocktail of the paranormal and true crime, of chills and laughs. Christine and Em have impeccable chemistry, and their banter is quick, quippy, and a perfect relief from the crawling horror of the stories they share. Can't recommend it strongly enough.

  • The Film Reroll

    It's Hot


    Combining my loves of film and tabletop, Film Reroll's wonderful cast and crew have demonstrated a keen awareness not only for what makes a movie great- but also how to completely skewer the sillier parts of cinema.

  • Up First

    It's Hot

    Quick and tidy news

    There's a few of these "cup of coffee" news podcasts around now. I like this one because it doesn't feel biased. It tells me what I should be aware of, does so in less than 15 minutes, and gets out of the way before it's tiresome.

  • Pee yourself

    It's like having three drunk friends in your living room who are weirdly informed about bizarre history and ghost stories. Just when you think all the interruptions are going to get annoying, they throw in a private joke that you feel weirdly In on because you've been listening to these idiots for thirty minutes already and didn't you just turn this podcast on? I'm quickly working through the backlog and despite daily listening I haven't gotten irritated with the podcasters yet. The brews are good, the boos are better, the banter is incessant and entertaining.

  • If you like bourbon, you should check this out

    Zeke and John really know their bourbon! Always and enlightening listen and they give solid reviews. If you're into whiskey, give these guys a listen!

  • Cold

    It's Hot

    Where's Susan?

    I recommend listening to episode 47 of the Crime Junkie podcast first because that episode is about this case. That way, you get the gist of who the people are and get familiar with the events. COLD goes into great detail, and I'm glad I was somewhat familiar with who and what happened before investing in the 18 episodes of this podcast.

  • Beyond the Series

    If you like the HBO show, you need to listen to each episode's podcast after you watch that episode. The show's writer and creator delves into the decision-making process behind many of the scenes, characters, props, and more. It is both educational (and terrifying) when talking about the actual event, but also fascinating from a film-making perspective.

  • The Dream

    It's Hot

    Buy my essential oils

    This is a great podcast about the business model, history, and ethics behind some of the world's largest multi-level marketing companies.

  • great podcast!

    great podcast..

  • a "must subscribe"

    Denise does an excellent job in seeking out unexpected ways for her listeners to gain confidence and knowledge.

  • I love them deeply

    Absolutely love the show!

  • Engaging

    Dark Poutine tells stories of Canadian true crime, with the occasional side trip into stories of the paranormal. The hosts have a great rapport that keeps the stories moving along. The episodes range from the heart-breaking to the light-hearted, always told with an attitude of respect for the victims. I’ve been hooked from the first episode! Great for binge listening!

  • A Podcast of Galactic Proportions!

    As a proud lover of the Wars, though I have yet to watch them 500 TIMES, this podcast is just out of this world, you could say its from a galaxy far far away! Can't see myself not listening to this on a weekly basis!

  • A Feast Sans Crows!

    For anyone looking to listen to a detailed recap of Game of Thrones this one is for you! It's spoiler free yet so on point with the episodic details that its like rewatching the episode with a new perspective! I love the audio-bits as well as the chemistry between the hosts! I'm all in on this feast sans crows!


    I may not always agree with the constant political commentary or snide remarks, but that is no reason not to fully enjoy this podcast. I love the hosts, their banter, and their perspectives on GOT as well as the (whisper) OFF SEASON TOUR specials. Cannot wait to join them on their next journey post-GOT!

  • The Gist

    It's Hot

    5 Years of Brilliant Perspective and Fun

    This podcast pulls off a magic trick nearly every day--they bring on a guest who I think I couldn't possibly find interesting and prove me wrong. Pesca, that impish wag from the world of sportswriting, is far deeper than that. His love of wordplay, contrarian thought and getting to the deeper meaning of what's going on, makes The Gist a must-listen.

  • Laid back interviews of top comics and entertainers

    Richard Herring's relaxed and jovial style combined with great and varied guests make these live interviews compulsive listening

  • Fantasy restaurant banter

    Whimsical food based chat with a variety of predominantly UK guests. Hosted by comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster

  • The Grift

    It's Hot

    Wish there was more!

    A selection of interesting case files on various types of fraudsters from gamblers to scammers to cults.

  • True Crime favourite

    The impersonality of the anonymous host is a real drawcard to this podcast- there are many great personalities out there but these stories are well researched, well written and well delivered and the style is well suited with the host. My absolute favourite true crime podcast.

  • Rusty Hinges

    It's Hot

    Interesting and light hearted

    The host's dry sense of sarcastic humour shows through at times which may be off-putting to some listeners but the content is generally interesting though perhaps a little more on the unsubstantiated/ conspiratorial/ urban legend side of "mystery" than my usual true crime preferences. It is however a nice break from the heavier and darker content of standard true crime genre shows and does have some very interesting episodes.

  • Unique

    I love these guys. They aren’t pretentious or arrogant like some other pods in this genre. They are talking about horrible crimes against humanity but they are very likable, kind and empathic. The show is often topics or cases that aren’t high profile or well known mysteries. The hosts have a unique banter that has made this pod one of my favorites. You will learn, think and enjoy this podcast.

  • Court Junkie

    It's Hot

    Love it!

    One of my favorite <3

  • Swindled

    It's Hot

    In my top 5

    One of the few podcasts I’ve binged more than once. It’s perfect for introducing people to the world of podcasts. Just the right length, audio is great and there’s something for everyone. Besides, have you seen artwork?

  • Good new and unique

    This is a cool podcast and really good, especially for it being such a new one. Also, unique in that the hosts are father/son!

  • Swindled

    It's Hot


    LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST. The host is anonymous, which adds something to the mystery of this show. I’ve laughed, cried, and been completely enraged by this podcast. One of the first I’d recommend to a friend.

  • Made me laugh out loud

    The research behind this show is evident in every episode, but the witty humor between the host and his guests will keep you coming back. Also, history is weird af

  • Rex Factor

    It's Hot

    Love it!

    Graham and Ali are very informative and funny. They tend to have a brilliantly wry sense of humor, and are wonderful at keeping you entertained while you learn.

  • Hidden Brain

    It's Hot

    Think smarter

    Almost always something new and interesting, a deep dive into human behaviours and their real world consequences. The host isn't afraid to challenge the views of his guests or listen to controversial experts when putting together these episodes to ensure a wide range of viewpoints is represented; and does a great job of blending narrative with science.

  • Racist and classist rudeness

    Wow, Stephen West. I started this thinking it sounded bingeworthy and great for my day of housework and crafting, get a history of philosophy. But you really don't like Southerners, do you? Your Alabama condescension joke leaves 127 episodes I will never hear. Did you think someone from the South would never listen because we weren't smart enough? Go away, small boy. There are smarter men who don't try to score points by being rude about an entire culture. Nope, nope, nope.

  • Woot woot

    The guys are amazing

  • Entertained

    As a true crime junkie I tend to skip some of the better known crimes when I discover a new podcast. But these two guys are so entertaining and their reactions to one another had me laughing out loud; so definitely listen to all of the episodes.

  • Crime Junkie

    It's Hot

    Engaging and well researched

    Ash and Britt have a way of telling the tail that is incredibly engaging. Everything is really well researched and the way the conversation flows between the 2 makes you feel like your part of it. Also they are obsessed with doggos so that gets my vote every time!

  • GraveYard Tales

    It's Hot

    Funny and intriguing

    Adam and Matt manage to weave a funny yet factual tail with many dad jokes along the way. The topic range is broad and is super interesting in every episode, there also highly interactive with listeners and that makes it a little bit more special. You won’t be sorry if you listen.

  • GraveYard Tales

    It's Hot

    Well researched fun

    This is like listening to your favorite uncles or best friends spin a spooky fireside yarn, with the added scary bonus of they've researched it so it has the element of truth to keep you up at night.

  • Such a great show

    Casefile is by far the best true crime podcast of all time!

  • Obsessed!

    Obsessed! I do watch alot of documentaries as well as listen to podcasts. This show is a hilarious review of the best documentaries!! Sonif you watch as much as you listen definitely get obsessed with true crime obsessed girl!

  • American Scandal

    It's Hot

    Eye opening and bingworthy

    Each season details a different, well known American scandal; each thought provoking episode provides information that is not common knowledge. From Olympic doping, and political corruption in New York, to top US official authorized arms for hostages deals, and a 53 million gallon Exxon oil spill; the people and coverups involved are unbelievable.

  • Love This Podcast

    I listen to the episodes as soon as they drop- This is so interesting, and always gives you a totally different perspective on people or parts of history. Legit.

  • Packed with gory stories

    Well worth a listen before you visit.

  • Up First

    It's Hot

    Daily Listen

    Quick rundown of daily news to stay updated

  • Murderville

    It's Hot

    One of My Favorites

    Really engaging.

  • Cold

    It's Hot

    Great Podcast!

    I get so excited each week for a new episode to be released. Great podcast!

  • Waking up: Sam Harris with Johan Hari

    Thoughtful conversation about the increasing causes of depression and addiction, especially in the United States, through the lens of how it compares in regions and nations and some unexpected and unconventional solution. Insightful. Joyful. Compassionate.

  • Too long to get to the story

    Takes literally an hour to get to the actual story. Just makes fun of random facts about the town and population for the first full hour. Total waste of time if you are looking for a comedic take on a mirder mystery. Thumbs down.

  • Half and Half honestly

    This podcast is pretty good, but not necessarily great. I don't listen to sports podcasts, and I finished it. So, I guess that's a testimony.

  • Bear Brook

    It's Hot


    The first episode is a little boring, but trust me. By the end of this podcast you will have question marks floating above your head. How did this happen? How did they not catch the guy? Why was this not bigger news? etc, etc.

  • Lore

    It's Hot

    Do I even need to review this...

    Lore has so many faithful listeners that leaving a review seems almost silly. This is a podcast for almost all ages. (episode by episode basis, obviously) Episode 11 is my favorite.

  • TED Radio Hour

    It's Hot

    Perfect background noise.

    This is the type of show you listen to while walking your dog or cleaning the house. Every episode makes you think a little harder about the things you think you know, while being easy to listen to. Building Humane Cities was a thought-provoking episode.

  • Democratic dream.

    I think everyone should listen to this podcast, because the guests are well-picked and the topics are always engaging. The host is a (proud) democrat, so obviously it leans left. If you also lean left, you will LOVE THIS PODCAST. The episode he does with his wife is so sweet. You can feel the love through your headphones.

  • Crime Junkie

    It's Hot

    True Crime <3

    If you like true crime, listen to this. The serial killer episodes are particularly good.

  • The Daily

    It's Hot

    Fantastic articulation!

    The interviews are easy to follow, even if you have no previous knowledge of what they're discussing. Love this podcast!

  • The Last Movie

    It's Hot

    Docudrama Win

    If you are a fan of docudrama style fiction such as Tanis and Rabbits, you will eat this up! I nice take on an otherwise played out idea in pop culture.

  • SO well done

    This is probably one of the best produced, most well written and acted audio dramas out there and it's already so old. It's not finished, which is a bummer, but I hold out hope that it will come back some day. Even though there's no ending, I STILL think it's worth a listen.

  • Wolf 359

    It's Hot


    This is exactly what I want all audio dramas to be. It's funny, it's got drama, it's fully acted. I've listened through the whole thing SEVERAL times. Cue it up for a long road trip.

  • Bummed

    I really, really used to love this podcast. I was so into it when I first discovered it when it was just getting started, and even for quite a while after that. Over time, though, the tiny irritations have become intolerable. The flat out refusal to do research or even any prior preparation in some cases, the stumbling through reading straight from wikipedia, the constant attempts at creating and overusing quirky quotes that end up on t-shirts - it's too much. If you're looking for a true crime podcast, this just isn't it anymore. If you're more into it for the personality/off topic/kind of weirdly aggressive toward listeners attitude of the hosts, then maybe you'll be into it. This was great when true crime podcasts were just taking off, but there's way better, way more researched, way more interesting, and more importantly, WAY funnier and less annoying true crime podcasts out there now.

  • You need this.

    This is one of, if not THE one, my "must listen the second there's a new episode" podcasts. It's in depth about topics you've either never heard of or thought you know all about already, and even if you do, it's hilarious to hear them told by the hosts. I can't go back far enough in the archives to endorse my top favorites, but I always recommend people start with Ten Cent Beer Night to get hooked immediately.

  • Hidden Brain

    It's Hot

    Always Compelling

    I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast, which will teach you something about how our unconscious brain can drive behaviors and outcomes about which we're not usually aware. This is a good one week after week.

  • Straight Talk

    JJ brings on fantastic guests, and he brings credibility and a true "insiders" perspective to each conversation. This one is on my "must listen" sports podcasts.

  • Intriguing

    I am sucked in at the first sentence and always think I know what really happened or could have solved it. But that’s probably due to the way the story is told. Great podcast. Some are less interesting than others but that’s down to taste. Overall worth wlisten.

  • It's worth it for Parent Corner...

    The episodes are LONG, and are one of the best reasons to crank up your playback speed. But the content is almost always outstanding and the style is conversational and comfortable. Whether or not you agree with Mr. Simmons' opinions, his guests are compelling and his interviewing style make you feel like you're sitting on a couch in a room with the guests. Mr. Simmons is brilliant when it comes to the NBA, and he pulls together sports, celebrity, and pop culture masterfully. And of course, Parent Corner is a MUST listen and his kids will remind you of your own.... this one, and the host, stand the test of time.

  • Believed

    It's Hot

    A MUST listen for everyone

    One of my favorite parts of each day is syncing my podcasts and scanning the new episodes in my inbox. Believed is a series that hit my list each Monday morning, and I started at each episode for a few moments before listening. My hesitation was a combination of wanting to savor the compelling reporting and dreading the emotions the story would ellicit. I have 100+ podcasts on my subscription list, and none have made me, as much as this one, want to cry, scream, re-listen, and tell everyone I know what I just learned. Whereas the Larry Nassar story played out over time and seeped into our consciousness over time, this series brings it all together in a breath-taking run that will leave listeners more informed and more determined to ensure this kind of horrific, systemic cover-up could never happen again. At any time this podcast would be a must listen, but in the context of #MeToo it belongs at the top of everyone's list.

  • A great listen

    Whether or not you were alive while the Watergate scandal unfolded, and the impact on our country's historical narrative and the reputations of many former leaders, is incalculable. The storytelling is brisk and balances well facts with context. This whole season is perfect for binge listening. Highly recommended.

  • Trace - Trace

    It's Hot

    Good Reporting

    I hope those brothers find peace and justice in the end. I am glad you were able to show them a community that supports them in this tragic endeavor by bringing the story to light. Wonderful narrating and loved how you stayed unbiased and willing to check out every avenue.

  • A hidden gem!

    Wonderful podcast. Beautiful storytelling and fascinating tales

  • My new favourite

    Easy to listen to, insightful, funny, non apologetic, a must listen

  • Reply All

    It's Hot

    One of the best

    One of my favourite podcasts of all time. Whenever anyone asks me for a recommendation I always mention Reply All. It’s a look into modern day problems or trends that only exist now due to the internet/technology. You don’t have to have vast knowledge about tech to enjoy, they always take time to bring you up to speed.

  • A must have for true crime listeners

    Well researched and preaentation

  • Mile Marker 181

    It's Hot

    Most bizarre heartbreaking pod I've listened to in a while

    Not for the faint or squimish

  • The Black Tapes

    It's Hot

    Great for the imagination

    This podcast really caught my attention. I like suspense and the paranormal, and this doesn't disappoint.

  • Yayyyyyyy!

    I was never really into the comedy/crime combo but these guys totally changed my mind! I find myself frequently bursting into laughter while being completely disgusted at the same time... its great. You sir, Can Fu*k off!

  • Awesome

    Loves this show

  • Crime Junkie

    It's Hot

    My favorite crime podcast

    Each story is engaging and well researched. Love it.

  • Radiolab

    It's Hot

    Science made fun

    The best of the best of science podcasts!

  • Dirty John

    It's Hot


    I loved this, even though it is disturbing to think there are people like that in this world. Debra did make me crazy. I don't know how a woman can choose a man (monster) over her children.

  • Entertaining host.

    Thoroughly enjoyable. Keep up the good work and don't change a thing. Cheers from Australia

  • Best F1 Podcast

    Enough said. Get you fix of Formula 1 each week

  • Best Interview Podcast Out There

    Joe is so genuine and disarming his guests will open up about anything. Really great show

  • Carson is a national treasure

    If you love baseball, dry witty banter, and an amusing host this is the podcast for you.

  • The Daily

    It's Hot

    Best Daily News Podcast

    NYTimes podcast, gives you daily news and insights. Can be politics heavy (in this climate, inevitable) but the shows are always well produced.

  • Celebration Rock

    It's Hot

    Get your Indie Rock Fix

    This podcast is a great indie rock discussion podcast. Steven Hyden knows his stuff, and his guests are always great.

  • Best Chicago Bears Podcast Period

    So much content, these guys are the hardest working dudes. They are super well prepared each week. Love their "meet the opponent" episodes where they bring in guests from other teams.

  • Wooden Overcoats

    It's Hot

    The put the FUN in Funerals

    Its like Monty Python, but in podcast form about funeral homes.

  • Wolf 359

    It's Hot

    Epic Audio Space Opera

    One of the best produced fiction podcasts out there. The story has ended, but if you want to take a trip into space filled with action, suspense and humor this is the podcast for you.

  • Doughboys

    It's Hot

    Light-hearted fun with fast food twist

    This is a light-hearted podcast framed around visiting chain restaurants. Mitch and Nick have a love/hate relationship which can really become the focal point of episodes, quite hilariously. They get great guests, and some recurring guests are phenomenally funny.

  • Love it

    If your a fan of Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) at all you will love this. I get excited at every new one. Such a fun way to get a weekly geeky news update. In their own hilarious way they talk about things like Japans weirdness, fan interactions, stupid celebrity news, and anything else they feel like. I enjoy laughing every week at these 2.

  • True Crime Excellence

    I love listening to true crime podcasts but I have never heard the detail and compassion I hear with these two. The banter is light and short but it breaks up the story. Great personalities! I'm a forever fan!

  • Great Concepts and Inspiring Content

    I must say, every guest has a unique "niche" that keeps each episode captivating. Whether it's finance or shifting mindset methods, each will have a positive impact in your life if you follow the advice!

  • Good true crime podcast

    A good true crime podcast featuring some of the most notorious crimes committed in Canada. My personal favourite episode is ‘The murder of Lindsay Buziak’.

  • Hamish & Andy

    It's Hot

    Laugh out loud funny

    I embarrass myself and my partner every time i listen to this podcast in public by laughing out loud. Very funny!

  • A top true crime podcast covering lesser known UK crimes

    I love TTCE for several reasons... First of all, I like the fact that the same murder cases aren't covered over & over! This leads me to a second thing I find admirable about TCCE is he follows, listens, reviews, & even promotes other podcasts! One reason is to make sure the same cases aren't covered by same pods but also because of his genuine interest in all true crime. I found that the TCCE WordPress Blog gave positive & sincere reviews to the podcasts that are above & beyond. No need to harp on the negative! Also, tc books are also reviewed here. Last & definitely not least (prob most importantly), these episodes are well researched, tasteful, & done in a pleasing male English accent. ?

  • Trace - Trace

    It's Hot

    Loving this podcast

    Love it!

  • Amazeballs

    Great stuff

  • A MUST-Listen For All True Crime Fans

    The OUT OF THE SHADOWS podcast is an AMAZING listen. The first few episodes are standalone & very well covered with factual, no nonsense narration. Following these individual episodes is a serial set, (pun intended) on The Bible Belt Strangler, a killer still-at-large, murderer to the little-known "redhead murders." Follow this private investigator as he chronicles his journey into the darkness to give names to a set of women who have remained Jane Does for 35 years. A heartfelt & factual investigation that is a MUST LISTEN for all true crime fans!!

  • Why don't we say mouses?

    I listened to over 30 of these podcasts while doing a project that required me to sit in one place. Fascinating stuff. You can't separate the history of language from the history of peoples and their movements around the globe. He talks about everything from how sounds morph in the development of a language to what words are near universal across languages and why and makes it all fascinating. If you have the tiniest bit of history geek in you, you'll find yourself binge listening.

  • Best podcast ... And I'm a truck driver so I go through a lot off theses towns

  • Bloody Good Podcast!

    I love, love, love Bloody Murder! It is one of my absolute favorite podcasts!

  • Fam Bam thank you Ma'am

    This couple have one of the best comedy true crime podcasts out their and that's why they made the 2018 Finalist Best Comedy & 2018 Finalist Popular Vote - Australian Podcast Awards. Give them a listen and I'm sure you will sub them.

  • Thin Air Podcast

    It's Hot

    Serial for short attention spans :)

    For fans of podcasts like Serial or shows like Dateline (me!) Their soothing voices and storytelling of the facts makes this easy and very enjoyable to listen to. I wish the subject matter was something we never had to deal with, but since people do go missing, it is important to share their stories. Hope that someday they can be found safe or that, at the very least, their families can finally have answers, and some peace.

  • Narration at its best

    A must have. Wonderfully written & narrated. This podcast deserves it's No 1 spot. Vocal storytelling that creates a vivid picture in each episode. "BRILLIANT"

  • Where can we be directed to vote on just how factual or entertaining Whatpods? See how you like it

    Ranked 17th is an insult not only to our Boys, but a direct slap in the face to us loyal... no, dedicated... NAY, RAVENOUS fans!!!

  • Dirty John

    It's Hot

    Do You know a Dirty John?

    Kept me listening! It was great. Sadly, I know about men like this guy. Every woman should listen to this, because it is likely you'll meet a dirty John at some time in your life. Scary!

  • Entertaining info, but it goes so fast!

    The guys do some great work as far as research goes, but at times their delivery just doesn't sit right in my ears. I don't know if they fast forward their audio or cut out space to make it go really quickly, but it seems to flow at an unnatural pace. My only complaint - other than that, it's a great podcast to listen to!

  • In my top 5 all-time favorite podcasts

    This show is one of my top favorite comedy podcasts. It actually inspired me to create the Hyperbrole Podcast with my brothers! Love the energy, the goofs, and overall silliness - keep it up, brothers!

  • Ear Biscuits

    It's Not

    YouTube show: Good | Podcast: Meh..

    So I love Rhett & Link's Good Mythical Morning (check out their lullaby rap w/Post Malone, it's hilarious!), but I just wasn't a fan of their podcast. On episode 137, Link narrates the many woes of his RV Trip, which was told with enthusiasm but without the creamy, hilarious filling I was expecting. I would give another chance if someone convinced me, but for now, I'm good with my other 983 podcasts.

  • Dax is a beautiful bastard on the inside and out

    I didn't realize how much I loved Dax Shepard until after listening to this podcast. Through his interviews with celebrities, he asks pretty personal questions that dig into the lives of both host and guest. Sprinkled in with bits of humor, it makes for a great podcast to have in the background while cleaning the house.

  • A Unique Take on a Millionaire's Life

    This podcast is captivating. David Dobrik knows his life as a 20-something year old millionaire is fascinating and ridiculous, so he tells about all the most ridiculous things that happen to him as if it were the first time...like just asking a sponsor for a lamborghini to use for a spot and hearing, "sure, why not?" Also, Jason and David are quite distant in age, but call it out immediately and lure you in through their platonic chemistry.

  • unmissable

    well researched and presented. unmissable. 5 out of 5.

  • Trace - Trace

    It's Hot


    rivetting is the best way to describe this podcast. a credit to the producers and i sincerly hope it leads to justice for maria and her sons. i rate it a 5 out of 5. rona

  • Bowraville

    It's Hot

    5 out of 5

    this podcast is awesome. well researched and presented and of course the story of these murders is compelling and horrifying. i binged it. i rate it a 5. rona

  • Thoroughly researched with gallows humor respectful of the victim

    True crime and comedy blend well in this podcast because the hosts go out of their way never to make fun of the victim or the victim's family (unless they're the ones doing the murder). James and Jimmie are assholes but they're not scumbags. I look forward every week to hoppin' in the car with them and headin' for the liquor store.

  • Crime in Sports

    It's Hot

    Love it

    These guys are killing it. Love it

  • The best

    My absolute favorite. Love this show

  • Sword and Scale

    It's Hot

    5 STARS

    This is my all time favorite true crime podcast! The stories are twisted and interesting and are about things i would never imagine someone doing. This podcast gets straight to the point and doesn't waste your time.

  • Top 5 Podcast For Me!

    Definitely in my top 5 podcasts list, and almost every season is as good as the last. The kind of storytelling that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and hungry for more. Nails the true crime genre.

  • Answers your hows and whys...kinda

    I’ve listened to a few episodes so far and I highly recommend you watch the movie before you listen to the episode, that way all of their hilariously obscure references make sense and you can laugh along with them as they tear stuff apart and make you question stuff you hadn’t even thought of.

  • A dollop of fun

    If you like obscure history with comedic commentary, this pod is a great listen!

  • Criminal

    It's Hot

    Criminal not to listen to...

    This podcast is true to its name - it covers anything and everything that could be considered criminal. From people faking their own deaths, to crazy conspiracies, and wrongful imprisonment, this pod is well-researched, thorough, and informative.

  • Bad guys abound in this podcast

    Does great research, delivers just the right amount of facts to get you hooked into the case without making it too gory. Not something to listen to if you want a pick-me-up though as it’s pure crime, so the bad guys often win!

  • Brilliant.

    The best, for all the reasons given. This show has ruined other podcasts in this genre for me.

  • Good and Funny

    Love this show, well researched and great chemistry between the hosts. They mix in stories from their past that add to the subject at hand. They give me a few good laughs every show too. Highly recommend.

  • Science, History, The Paranormal... Bojangles?

    A great comedian’s dark, insane approach to history, the paranormal, and science. The crazier, more technical, or more foreign the material gets, the funnier Dan gets, as he’s no expert on anything, except comedy. NSFW, but only as raunchy as could be expected with the material being approached. If you’re looking for a great example, check out my favourite, the Salem Witch Trials.

  • Hail Nimrod!

    Love it Dan!

  • Court Junkie

    It's Hot


    I love this Podcast. Jillian is an excellent host. I love the cases she investigates. I just wish she would do them weekly!!!

  • Roast Mortem, a good podcast to check out!

    This is a very good podcast. The guys are a lot of fun to listen to and they do some good research too. I was laughing at their PT Barnum episode and I learned a lot too. This is worth checking out if you like silly podcasts, history and bawdy humor.


    Best eduicational/ comedic podcast EVER.

  • Night Vale shines bright

    This is the first fiction podcast I ever listened to and it’s still my favorite. Cecil, the host of a friendly public access show in a strange desert community, played by the wonderfully talented Cecil Baldwin, is your window into the world of Night Vale. Through his radio show you meet a quirky cast of characters who’s adventures range from delightfuly silly to downright spooky. Each episode expands a rich universe (or potentially multiverse *spoiler*) where all the spooky urban legends and forgotten folk tales become part of the fabric of Night Vale’s world. Not only is this biweekly podcast a great ongoing story, you get occasional guest voices and live shows across the United States and internationally. I’ve been to 4 of them and had a great time with the actors and the family of fans! You’ll also get a a music filled weather forecast from a great band you may not have heard of. I highly recommend this podcast.

  • Out of this world!

    In 1908 the composer, Gustav Holst, announced his decision to bicycle across the Sahara desert. The only thing more insane than giving voice to such a goal was his having completed it. Peter Adamson tops Gustav Holst.

  • Love this show.

    I have been listening to this podcast since episode 1 so I am familiar with Ray and his format. Ray does a great job of researching each cast and shares in sites that I have never been aware of. Having been fascinated by World War II since I was in 6th grade and having read as much as I can et my hands on since he has shared some knowledge and made me look at some long held thoughts differently. He can be corny when he reads his ads or has a contest but that is what let's you know this is being done by a man that loves WW2 as much if not more than me. Thanks Ray for hours and hours and hours of learning. No

  • Unladylike

    It's Hot

    Get unladylike!

    Empowering, educational, and unapologetically badass. I love this show. Makes me laugh, get fired up, and want to take over the world. Totally unladylike.

  • In the Dark

    It's Hot

    Great true crime!

    Can’t speak highly enough about this incredible show. If you liked Serial, you’ll love season one, where you can actually follow along with a case that finally gets solved after 20+ years. Season two just started and I’m already obsessed. Incredible research, well produced, highly recommend!

  • Not my cup of tea. I threw it on in the background and it didn’t really keep my attention. The story isn’t that exciting, but the research is extensive and the narrator knows his stuff.

  • Pod Save America

    It's Hot

    Pod save us all

    I won’t listen to any other political podcast because no one does it better. Honest, humourous, and delivered in a way that I - an ex pat who is bad at civics - can understand. Straight talk from three guys who know what they’re talking about.

  • My Favorite Podcast

    If you like true crime with a little lighthearted commentary from two savvy ladies, this is your thing. They do a great job of highlighting the struggle of the victims, while also giving you a brief overview of the crimes. Not depressing, rarely gory, and always hilarious.

  • S-Town

    It's Hot

    For fans of tales with a big twist

    Brian Reed does an incredible job narrating this story. I won't spoil anything for anyone, but at the end of episode two I was shocked and tears sprung to my eyes. I couldn't listen to the rest fast enough. So on my birthday (June 22, also a significant date in the podcast but I won't say why) last year, my partner and I made the pilgrimage to S Town. It was so surreal. This was a gripping story - intriguing, heartbreaking, powerful. Beautifully produced. I recommend sticking with it for the first 3 episodes before deciding if it's for you because the story is not at all what it seems to be at first.

  • These ladies have amazing chemistry. I've been listening since March 2016 and it just gets better and better every episode.

  • The research Marcus does is unparalleled. Henry brings the needed humor to the dark subjects, whether it's crime, aliens, paranormal, or conspiracies. Ben brings them all together and keeps it fun. It's my favorite podcast!

  • Wanna be the best: listen to the best

    Best podcast I’ve ever listened to hands down.

  • Court Junkie

    It's Hot

    Fabulous Podcast!

    Fabulous, informative and fun - very well told by Jillian who takes us down the trail of each case step-by-step, keeping it interesting and leaving you wanting more.

  • Find myself yelling at hosts while listening

    Not one of my favorites but I do listen. Hosts are not well educated on crime or the law. They did a good, thorough treatment on the Golden State Killer series, and got lucky with the news breaking of the GSKs capture right in the middle of their reporting of it!

  • Sword and Scale

    It's Hot

    Creepy and creative!

    So creepy! Mike’s voice and narrative (not to mention great music) deliver the perfect “creep” factor. In-depth and graphic, this pod is not for the faint-of-heart. Covers famous stories as well as some lesser-known but important stories/subjects. Excellent!

  • Meh

    Love the production value, don’t love the anticlimactic, meandering stories that don’t go anywhere or do anything new.

  • If you're a true crime fan and appreciate comic relief, give these guys a try. Nic has the best voice for podcasts, imho, and Captain has funny one liners. Both offer interesting and (mostly) relevant insight. Music is top notch. My favorite podcast.

  • The full package

    I love the way the detectives tell their stories with all their experience and knowledge included. They are real and captivating. The girls manage to round it all out with the perfect questions and the every day person's insight. I love this podcast and hope they stick around a long time because I'll be here waiting eagerly for each new episode.

  • Trace Evidence

    It's Hot

    Excellent podcast!

    Excellent podcast! Unbiased reporting and the host covers theories, facts, speculations and does not lean towards any specific one. Very well organized and really good listening material. I've listened to many podcasts and some I have just had to stop because the format was not to my liking. With trace evidence I am always anxiously awaiting the newest episode.

  • Atlanta Monster

    It's Not

    I was so excited about this podcast and it was strong for the first few episodes but as the episodes moved on, it felt off topic at times and as though the true subject matter of the podcast was lost.

  • Rank 17 is a disgrace!!

    Easily my favorite podcast of all time. Ranking them at 17 is a disgrace. The Dmall Town Murder, and MFM crews comment on how great this podcast is.

  • Today, Explained

    It's Hot

    Intentionally listen daily! A must subscribe and listen!

  • Have enjoyed all 4 seasons of this podcast. The only negative? It ends. Go listen!!

  • Obsessed as of late! Liked this from 1st listen

  • This is Love

    It's Hot

    Love these stories and the truth of how diverse love is. You can’t listen and not feel moved by these stories.

  • A strong true crime podcast with a fantastic style of storytelling. I love the mystery of not knowing the host too. It’s ALL about the casefile.

  • S-Town

    It's Hot

    Listen, because all of us have an S-Town we’re dealing with.

  • An important podcast!

    I respect the hosts passion for bringing awareness to the cases of missing people who could otherwise continue to have no press and no attention on their case. Not every story is a happy ending but families deserve answers. Thanks for such a powerful pod!

  • A Must listen podcast

    This podcast was 1 of the first that helped bring awareness to my missing daughter. She sheds light on the cases that otherwise no one cares about. Marissa has so much compassion for those of us in the land of the missing. #bringmeganhome

  • Crime in Sports

    It's Hot

    Crime in Sports

    Crime in Sports is great. It's incredibly hillarious, even if you are not into sports it is a great listen. The great chemistry with the hosts leave you laughing and ready for more. And as equally great is Small Town Murder which they also host. The detailed research and the original take on some stories that have been covered by other outlets leave you very entertained.

  • Crime in Sports

    It's Hot

    Great research and detail mixed with humor.

  • True crime at its best

    One of my favourites. The guys deliver this podcast in a discussion type manner. They raise good questions and delve deep. Keep it up guys.

  • James and Jimmie are hilarious and endearing. They know how to tell a story and how to keep you entertained. If you like comedy and true crime you will love this show!

  • Llamas do not wear pajamas.

    I don't remember how I stumbled upon these 2 comedians but I am so so soooooo glad I did. I couldn't get through my work day without a YAYYYYY or SHUT UP AND GIVE ME MURDER!! Jimmie & James are 2 of my favorite assholes!

  • Total Awesomeness

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! One show and you're hooked

  • Court Junkie

    It's Hot

    Must listen

    Love this podcast. She is amazing giving facts not interjecting her opinion but outlining the entire case so you can make your own decisions. My favorite true crime podcasts by far.

  • Laura Richards-Dash Risk Model

    Laura Richards speaks endlessly about and advocates for stronger legislation for stalkers and abusers. She talks about the many ways abusive behaviors seem to go unnoticed, unchallenged and unpunished by law enforcement and has dedicated her career to educating the masses and urged the hope of saving lives. She’s a hero, advocate, educator and her voice coupled with her accent wil have you hanging in her ever word. Her cause is one near and dear to my heart so she is my favorite by the Jim wnd Lisa are truly awesome in their right as well.

  • Love Casefile

    It has to be the best true crime podcast going around. It is well organised and clearly spoken.

  • Sword and Scale

    It's Not

    Give it a miss

    Boudet is a terrible person, and a worse podcaster. He’s reading articles verbatim and playing YouTube clips. This was my favorite podcast when I first heard it- and it’s been a long downhill ride since then.

  • Sword and Scale

    It's Not

    There is so much better out there!

    The true crime podcast for you if you like to hear endless recycled audio clips, outdated falsehoods about mental health and violent crime and a host who will totally disrespect victims if it gets the angle he wants. Oh but if you say anything, you're just 'too sensitive '.(eyeroll) With so many amazing podcasts out there, why does anyone waste their time with this? Try Casefile (obviously), or for something a little more obscure, Mens Rea, Dark Poutine or Unresolved.

  • Well researched

    Well researched and the hosts are extremely qualified. Jim, however, is pretty aggressive towards one of the female hosts & I sometimes find that hard to listen to. Even when they put out s special saying all is OK!

  • True Crime Garage Fan

    Love the Guys! Love the Garage! Their take on all the different cases is frefreshing and funny!

  • Best True Crime Podcast Out There!

  • Sword and Scale

    It's Not

    Pass on this one. Some of the early episodes were not that bad, but his blatant biases against those with mental illness just KILLED this podcast for me.

  • I listen to a lot of history podcasts, this is definitely one of the best!

  • A Must

    Absolutely fantastic, if you even have a mild interest in Rome/Byzantium/History, this is a must. Professional, entertaining, and extremely informative!

  • Very colorful and interesting podcast!

  • My favorite!

    My favorite history podcast, by far (and I listen to way too many).

  • Amazing, Italy got Unified!

    A fantastic and deeply researched history of the Italian Unification by two PhD Chemist brothers who clearly and unashamedly establish their love for Italy.

  • Ireland, We Barley Know Ye

    Deep history of Ireland delivered by a wonderful host who clearly knows his subject and his love of Ireland.

  • Engaging, informative and easy to listen to

    I read all of Livy's books years ago, but I got far more from this podcast. I have listened to the whole series and I'm thinking about starting again. Such an engaging approach to history - discusses all the key figures, but is careful to avoid the "great man" approach.

  • So much detail on early British history !

    Wow! This is a really detailed history of Britain. I gather it's inspired by the History of Rome and has a similar feel, but Jamie comes across as much more relaxed and with a bit more humour (eg Sheep sound effects for 'boring, nothing much happening' and "Argggh" for the death of sons of Northumbrian kings.) While it is detailed and so the progress seems slow, I have enjoyed every single podcast and was gutted when I caught up and had to start waiting for the next episode.

  • If you loved The History of Rome, this is your next podcast

    I have to agree that this is indeed the perfect continuation to the History of Rome podcast. I love them both.

  • Philosophy ! All you need to know and you need to know all of it.

    This is probably my favourite podcast. I am interested in both philosophy and history and this history has opened my eyes to the Arabic/Muslim period which I knew nothing about. I have also learned a lot of subtle religious background to both Christianity and Islam. Unfortunately I have now caught up and have to keep waiting for the next episodes. Don't miss out on the sister podcast - History of Indian Philosophy.

  • A more than worthy successor to the History of Rome. One of the most in-depth and entertaining podcasts I've ever listened to.

  • ' Aussie As ' Comedy /True Crime

    Aussie Awesomeness @ it's finest!!

  • My favorite color is Purple

    This is a Fantastic podcast! The hosts are honest and they bring a little bit of comedy to the telling. They offer in depth research and they have open and honest reactions to the stories that they present. I look forward to the new episodes every week.

  • Small town Murder with comedy.

    I love this podcast listening to them try and say some of the names is comedy in is self....shut up and give me murder

  • Great Hosts

    Great podcast! Aaron and Justin really provide a unique spin on true crime and do a great job! :) worth a check out

  • Grrat podcast!!

    Easily ones of the best podcasts. Great for anyone who loves true crime or Golden Age history. The newspaper accounts brings the time to life. I listen to about 70 different podcasts and this is the best of them all.

  • Absolutely love this podcast!

    I cannot get enough of this podcast! The Dectectives, Dan & Dave, have such poise and presence and are fantastic storytellers. Yeardley & Zibby have great question, observations, reactions, insights & comments. The audio bytes are compelling, the stories, all less-popular and trendy, are jaw-dropping. Told in a way that keeps you on pins and needles the entire time. An intriguing look at criminals from the investigator’s perspective, as well as an insightful look into the lives of the people in law enforcement.

  • S-Town

    It's Hot

    Death, suicide, and greed. Who is on what side?

    One of the most addictive serial type podcast you will find. It will take you through the twists and turns of a story line you won't see coming. What makes this different, you are listening to the story evolve as the host learns new information. Sadly you are gonna want more.

  • Unladylike

    It's Hot

    If you are after a dose of girl-pal empowerment, give this pod a go!

  • Today, Explained

    It's Hot

    Having this pod in your library will ensure that you get a daily dose of interesting, insightful, long form news stories. There's no easier way to beef up your suite of topical conversation starters than listening to this pod.

  • This is Love

    It's Hot

    An absolutely delightful podcast from the creators of Criminal. They're unconventional episodes all tangentially related to love that always leave me impressed.

  • Silk Road

    The 3 part episode on Silk Road is so good!!

  • The Daily

    It's Hot

    Top marks

    This is one of the best news and current affairs podcasts on the market. I cannot recommend it more highly.

  • A great pod for eavesdropping on famous people having a chat

  • Keep the eps coming!

  • One of the best

    My partner and I have been listening to Gen Why for forever! We can't get enough and listen with one earbud in each ear on the train to work :)

  • Listen, listen, listen!

    I love this show — I find Aaron and Justin really pleasant to listen to and they're back catalogue of episodes is immense. Definitely check this one out, you won't regret it!!

  • One of the best true crime podcasts!

    One of the best true crime podcasts going around. the narrator meticulously researched and depicted some of the most brazen crimes ever committed. I was left with an unsettling feeling after listening to some episodes which featured crimes that were committed a little to close to home!

  • How I Built this! Awesome!

    Discovered how I built this as a recommendation from a friend, first ep was a short but punchy episode with Mr Dyson!! And wow…such a cool format to hear some super interesting stories. Whether you are into business or not, it’s irrelevant for this podcast! The only prerequisite is a love of INTERESTING life stories! From ice-cream mavericks Tom & Jerry to vacuum cleaners their stories are so bold and leave you wanting more! The host Guy Ruz does a fantastic job of bringing the best out of every entrepreneur. Put it on you’re to do list….

  • Perfection

    This is true crime perfection. The host narrates each episode beautifully and with absolute presicion; amazingly well researched & put together. Weaves and builds a story and draws you in, so that you are left completely immersed in what you just heard. 10/10

  • One of the best true crime podcasts out there.

    If you are a true crime fan, you will appreciate the research that goes into each episode of TCATT. Mike & Gibby are a great team who bring their own unique insights to some of the most shocking true crime stories. In my top three of podcasts.

  • Very spooky, very cool

  • These guys will get on your nerves

  • Do yourself a favor and listen!

  • So good!

  • Everything fitness with compelling hosts

    I know the hosts of this show, and they're top-notch writers and certified fitness experts. Their guests are well-known fitness personalities who always have an interesting take on bodybuilding, powerlifting, competitions, and more. Tune in to hear what's happening in the fitness world!

  • A Very Fatal Murder is a terrific true crime spoof. It makes for great binge listening, totalling just a little over an hour in all. That way you get to digest all of its podcast advertising and true crime podcast send-ups in one delicious bite.

  • When I need a break from the True Crime genre this is usually my go-to. Of course it is an NPR program so it does have a certain political slant in favoritism, but I guess that would be expected. It is a fun way to keep up on current events and news. It is a quiz / game show type format that you can actually play along with and try to guess for yourself. (Which is cool, it's like watching Jeopardy but the questions are much easier). My ONLY complaint (and this just may be with my pod app) is the "skipping". I only seem to have this issue on NPR podcasts, they will skip ahead 3 seconds, and then back 3 seconds at random times ... can be annoying, especially if the skip comes at a time they reveal an answer. Over all, nice break from the gore and madness that can be True Crime.

  • Sword and Scale

    It's Hot

    It's been a ride...

    This podcast was like a roller coaster for me over the past couple of years. This is the original podcast that got me hooked on True Crime. The early episodes were AMAZING; very detailed, graphic, in-depth, well produced, and just genuinely TOP NOTCH PODDING ... and then, well then we hit a bit of a spiral. At some point the host began to push for monetary support, which I understand and have no problem with as everything has a cost. However, the host almost shamed his listeners into donating and when I was listening I felt as if I was being badgered to donate. That was kind of bothersome but not enough for me to stop listening. Then the quality of the podcast content went down, almost like he was "mailing it in" and I wasn't as captivated by each episode as I once was and didn't have the same excitement I had every time a new episode dropped. There was also some social media drama, accusations from nay-sayers and over the top "circling of the wagons" by the supporters and host. It was at this point I just tuned out and moved on ... I listen to podcasts to relax and be entertained not to get caught up in childish "he said / she said" games. I know some things were said on some episodes that many were offended by, but I come from the school of thought that if something offends you just stop listening. Not everyone likes the same cup of tea. Recently I have rekindled my enjoyment of Sword and Scale. Mike does do a solid podcast that has just the amount of grit and grim that I enjoy. Sometimes I do think he can be a little over dramatic in his narration, but again, just a "cup of tea" opinion. I guess if you like True Crime that is presented down and dirty with no filters and actual clips, this IS your cup of tea. If you are easily offended or ride the "Politically Correct" train, you may want to try another cup of tea, probably not going to like this one. Me? I'm back to being a regular listener and enjoying the podcast once again.

  • A unique accent ... best way I can describe the host for this podcast. It did take a little getting used to but once you do you will find it a well produced informative podcast. I am more of a one host kind of guy so this works for me. Cases are from all over the world, some I have never heard of, others that I have been well aware of but still picked up info I was unaware of, well researched.

  • Imagine sitting down with a buddy, drinking a beer, and having him tell you a story about some twisted person or event. That is exactly what listening to this pod is like. The host is very laid back and has a casual "check this sh!t out" delivery. Every now and then he will jump off his written script and interject some off the cuff comment about what he just said. 99.9% is the equivalent of a "dad joke" and most likely the same comment that was running through your mind too. With that being said, he doesn't make light of the topics, victims, or subjects which I really respect. Well produced, great sound quality, and relaxing delivery. In my personal top 5!

  • Every episode is great. The 1st couple do have some "growing pains" but the host and his team figured things out quickly and the content and sound quality are spot on. Host's voice is soothing, even though the topics can be a bit crazy (it IS called the MINDS of MADNESS) the delivery , content and music make for a great bedtime podcast. Although the stories they share involve some pretty grizzly and twisted details, never have I found myself turned away or bothered. The host presents the information and details important to the story but doesn't overdue the delivery or "glam it up". You get the point without the exploitation, if that makes sense. They put out an episode around Christmas called "A Christmas Miracle" (Episode 21) that I thought was great. In this episode they step away from the "Madness" and instead spend time introducing OTHER podcasts in the genre and even have the hosts of those podcasts as guests to discuss their podcasts. I thought it was BRILLIANT and such a great resource for a listener looking for additional pods. One of my top 5!

  • Tragic reminder to do paperwork

    Whether planned or not, the first episode of Cold Case Files for 2018, Man in the Shadows, (released 30 January 2018) serves as a timely reminder that allowing paperwork to backup can lead to devastating and avoidable outcomes. In Man in the Shadows, host Brooke Gittings, highlights via the case of the Linden Area Rapist, how, despite the modern advancements in technology, human error and administrative oversight can hamper investigations and betray the efficient administration of justice. In February 1991, the Linden Area Rapist committed his first assault and continued to perpetrate violent sexual crimes until his arrest in 2004. Over the years, as complainants piled up, investigators swabbed the dozens of his victims for DNA and catalogued their findings. But, that catalogue is only as good as the information it contains. The trail went cold for more than ten years and more women were viciously attacked. Tragically, the Linden Area Rapist’s DNA had been collected in 1995 but was not processed and indexed until 2004 when, almost instantly, a match was identified. The unreliability of eye witness testimony is also underscored in this episode when the police’s investigation, prior to the DNA match being identified, was made all the more difficult by the same DNA being found on multiple victims, yet each victim had provided vastly different descriptions of their attacker. While Cold Case Files can be grim, this episode is a worthwhile listen because, while the outcome was delayed, a case that lay dormant for over a decade was ultimately solved.

  • Atlanta Monster

    It's Hot

    Download now!

    If you aren’t listening to Atlanta Monster, get onto it! A brand new series from HowStuffWorks and Tenderfoot TV, Atlanta Monster is a multi-part series dedicated to investigating the serial murders of black children from impoverished neighbourhoods that gripped the city of Atlanta from 1979 to 1981. Wayne’s World is the fifth episode to be released (on 2 February 2018) and focuses on Wayne Williams, the man who was convicted of the murder of two young adults, but was widely believed by law enforcement to be the Atlanta Monster. Typical of series belonging to this genre, Wayne’s World is the episode where listeners are presented with Williams’ version of events and the view of his supporters, including, surprisingly, many of the parents and families of the murdered children. Of course, you need to start listening to this riveting podcast from episode one, but given that they’re only five episodes in, now is the perfect time to get on board and binge until next week’s instalment is released. You won’t regret it.

  • Must listen!

    There is no more pertinent time than now, in the current US political climate, for this exceptional series to drop. A Slate production hosted by Leon Neyfakh, Slow Burn is a podcast about Watergate. Going South, the ninth and final episode in the series, released on 30 January 2018, analyses the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry and President Nixon’s final, desperate attempt to save himself before he ultimately resigned on 8 August 1974. In seeking to answer “what had to happen to make Nixon’s resignation go from the unthinkable to possible to certain”, Neyfakh examines events that led, sensationally, to the White House releasing the damning tapes that contained incontrovertible evidence of Nixon’s crimes. A central theme woven throughout the episode is the gradual capitulation of Nixon’s most ardent supporters. Sound bites from speeches given by some of them demonstrate how close they came to being on the wrong side of history. For a listener with only a casual knowledge of the Watergate scandal, I was most intrigued to learn that while the investigations into Nixon’s involvement in Watergate were happening, a separate scandal involving Nixon’s Vice President, Spiro Agnew, was playing out. Neyfakh explains how a criminal investigation into Agnew’s involvement in a bribery racquet involving building contracts led to his resignation only 10 days prior to the Saturday Night Massacre. As a Nixon loyalist, Agnew probably would have pardoned Nixon, just as his replacement, President Ford, did. But, it raises the unanswerable question, would the fire that ultimately engulfed Nixon’s presidency have burned as strongly, or for as long, if the Agnew scandal had never happened? I highly recommend this podcast series and its final episode, Going South, which really shouldn’t be listened to in isolation. Unless, of course, you need immediate reminding of what presidential high crimes and treason look like and the bravery and tenacity of individuals that ensure that America’s democratic institutions will overcome similar threats.

  • Close to top but not quite...

    My 2nd fav crime podcast but as a brit it's not number 1. Still fab though.

  • Awsome

    Just awesome without being over the top dramatic.

  • This guys are the greatest!

    Shut up and give me MURDER!

  • Literally my favorite podcast! Not only do I love the format, but the host knows how to make an impact on each episode that seeps into your psyche. He has mastered storytelling and captivating an audience.

  • Court Junkie

    It's Hot

    5 stars

    This is one of my go to pods. Jillian's voice is pleasant to the ears and her research is top notch.

  • From childhood through conviction, Mike & Gibby walk you down the path of these horrific crimes. The chemistry between them is awesome which makes it easy to keep listening and wanting more! They do an amazing job with the details and keep things light-hearted when it needs to be. Take a listen and you will not regret it! (And you won’t be able to stop listening either!!) Love this podcast!

  • Mags

    Mike and Gibby have got such a skill of being able to discuss horrific crimes one minute and have you laughing the next with their banter. Really love this podcast

  • Mags

    Absolutely love this podcast. The girls do a fantastic job of interviewing everyone on both sides of the law and I can’t wait for the next instalment

  • You’re gonna wanna listen.

    Fascinating, engaging, and addicting. Worth a listen.

  • YaaaYYYYYY

    These guys are fun!!

  • Pod Save America

    It's Hot

    This is as described - a freewheeling conversation - and because of that, the insights and in-depth analysis offered by the hosts and their guests are very accessible to the listener. These are not interviews but engaging interactions between the various players involved in these informative exchanges. If you're interested in the views of those with behind-the-scenes knowledge of the workings of US politics, then listen-up to these discussions about the machinations and likely implications of what's happening NOW.

  • Best True Crime Podcast Out There

    Mike and Gibby are fantastic! Very well-researched and detailed. I like the mix of well-knowns and small-timers, provides some new cases to research further, not just the "big" names. The banter between the hosts is genuine and oftentimes funny. They display a lot of respect for the victims, which can be rare in some podcasts. Give it a listen, you won't be sorry.

  • Amazing , chilling, detailed, fantastic to listen to. Kristy does a great job and grabs your attention through out the entire podcasts, definitely feel empathy for the victims. Awesome job Kristy can't wait to hear more.

  • Love these guys ! Great pod cast

  • Disgustingly hilarious

    These guys are awesome. Excellent research and an even better presentation. Hilarious

  • Sword and Scale

    It's Not

    Give it a hard pass.

    This used to be an awesome pod. The stories used to be interesting, informative and as enjoyable as the subject matter would allow. Then everything changed. Mike's bias against people with mental illness is blatantly obvious, he has no regard for the victims, and if you dare question anything, you're hounded by the groupies. There are presenters far more deserving of your time.

  • I'm new to this podcast (only listened to 2 episodes so far) but it's a huge thumbs up from me already. I can't wait to here more! I'm telling all of my U.S. friends to listen!

  • A really good podcast with many different subject titles. Celebrities, mass murderers, serial killers, etc. You name it, it's on there

  • Undisclosed

    It's Hot

    An excellent podcast to start after finishing season 1 of serial. It goes a little more in depth into the Syed case

  • Couldn't strike my interest. It seemed like they talked amongst themselves more than storytelling

  • It's an interesting podcast but, after listening to about 20 episodes, it seemed a bit repetitive

  • Love, Love, Love

    I LOVE this podcast! It's so real. Some cases are graphic, but you can really feel what the officers felt as they were working the case. The hosts do a wonderful job with their questioning and keep things very interesting. I highly recommend this podcast!

  • Court Junkie

    It's Hot

    Great podcast

  • Serial

    It's Hot

    This! This is the cause of my podcast addiction! It's gripping and entertaining. It shows you the inside of the injustices in our court system and leaves no stone unturned

  • S-Town

    It's Hot

    Definitely worth listening to. It's a podcast like none I've ever heard. Starting with rumors of corruption and murder then ending in heartbreak, it is a must for any podcast listener

  • Awesome storytelling. Each season follows a case and it's so hard to stop listening

  • Breakdown

    It's Hot

    A great podcast. Each season follows one case from beginning to end with twists and turns on every episode.

  • Great podcast, one of my favorites. The narrator's voice is so soothing.

  • Sword and Scale

    It's Hot

    #1 Podcast Ever!!

    Best true crime podcast I have ever heard! Mike is an exceptional narrator! Absolutely the best!

  • STM A Must Listen

    Very entertaining I love the town history as much as I love the murder.

  • MY GO TO

    GO TO. It's my go to, not because I am a dark minded individual (?) but because the cases are so so addictive! The amount of times I have started a 'case' expecting one thing and then being taken in a completely mind blowing different direction! that's where its a winner, you just never know what twist and turn is around the corner and when you are on the bus commuting home after a long day.... that's exactly what you need. Its straight podcast fire! What else do you guys recommend?

  • All we are saayyyying, is give Jack a chance.

    In my top 5 list. Jack is weird in the best way possible. Spares no details, not for the faint of heart. Love.

  • Hands down- the best!

    True crime storytelling at its finest! No host to host banter, no comedic takes on serious and heart wrenching topics. The voice of the anonymous host keeps you hanging on every word. The amount of research that goes into each episode is evident. If I had one negative thing to say- it would be that the anticipation of the next episode will drive you bankers! Hopefully, CaseFile True Crime will cross the big pond and bring more American true crime stories to the podcast.

  • The best True Crime podcast, hands-down

    This is my go-to channel for true crime stories. The research is meticulous and the stories are brilliantly narrated. There is no sensationalism or opinion from the narrator, just intriguing stories well told and full of facts.

  • Monograph

    It's Hot

    Powerfully evocative true crime

    It's such a shame this show is only 6 episodes long, because I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you're a true crime podcast purist, have a listen and admire the storytelling talent of the host. Each episode is a short vignette, but they're evocative and powerful to listen to. My only hope is that the host, Taaron Gorbahn, is still applying his talents on some show somewhere.

  • Trace - Trace

    It's Hot

    Never give up

    This was a great podcast, but it did end suddenly, kudos to the son’s who fight on for answers.

  • Quintessential AFL footy podcast

    This is your quintessential AFL footy podcast. For the big footy fans out there, you’ll love this one (if you don’t already listen). Is released only through footy season, every day of the weekend, and is packed full of footy news and banter. I must admit, I preferred it more when it was Garry Lyon, Spud Frawley, Jason Dunstall and JB going at it for two hours every Friday/Saturday night but it’s still good with the new crop. Must listen for footy fans!

  • Fantastic!

    Great story, very well told, thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • Great story, refreshingly told

    Overall, this gets a Hot from me. The story is so interesting and is told in a very matter-of-fact way, which is a refreshing spin on an often over-dramatised approach.

  • Great Podcast

    Everyone should listen to Crazy Dave, captivating story telling. I just couldn't turn it off.

  • OUACrime

    Really good true crime show. Organized, well researched and good delivery..

  • Freak

    Fun, educational and quick. Love it.

  • STM

    Funny, quirky and entertaining. Love it!

  • Good Stuff

    My first, and still favorite podcast. These guys are great!

  • Got to listen

    Absolutely fantastic, keep digging up more Australian Crime stories, a must listen.

  • Mixing it up with Australian True Crime

    Love this podcast, usually the stories are connected to someone’s up and coming book, love the banter and pace of this podcast.

  • Good, but less dramatic effect required.

    Some of these are quite good. Sometimes the music and pausing of the narrator irritates me, just get on with it maybe going for too much dramatic effect.

  • Reveal

    It's Hot

    Reveal is a truly fantastic podcast. Backed by The Center for Investigative Reporting, the journalist hosts deliver some truly incredible real-life stories. Be warned, the show can be quite confronting and many of the episodes deal with some pretty raw material. But as a whole, this is one worth listening to.

  • Individual true crime stories from the detectives themselves

    Two American women fascinated by true crime, interview two detectives about their most interesting cases. Each episode is an individual story which is really convenient. WARNING- some episodes are very graphic and could be triggering.

  • Trace - Trace

    It's Hot

    True Crime Cold Case

    Finally, voice is given to the murdered Melbourne Bookshop proprietor’s sons who were only youths at the time of their mother’s brutalisation. Also, at least one previously believed ‘fact’ is overturned as a result of this exploration.

  • A dollop of LOLs

    As the perennial intro to each episode announces, The Dollop is a history podcast presented by two American comedians, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds where Dave (who has prepared for the show) reads a true story about a historical event or personality to Gareth (who has not prepared and doesn’t know what the story is about). The stories are usually obscure and riotous. Each episode is between 45 and 90 minutes in length but the duo commonly records live shows with a guest host (who joins Gareth as an active audience member). Pods that are recorded live are usually between 90 and 120 minutes in length. The hosts have a close association with Australia and so live shows are often recorded in various Australian capital cities with Australian history as the subject matter. This podcast is great to have streaming through speakers while doing otherwise mind numbing chores. I have at least one LOL moment per episode.

  • Reply All

    It's Hot

    Yes, Yes, Yes!

    While this podcast self-identifies as a technology podcast, you don't have to know much about technology to enjoy it (as a repeat segment called 'Yes, Yes, No' demonstrates). I recommend going back into the archives and listening to the pod from episode 1 forward. While each episode is a standalone episode, the hosts often go back to early episodes and do updates and its interesting to see how the regular segments have evolved. Plus, its easier to binge that way.

  • While fans of Malcolm Gladwell’s books will be well acquainted with his modus operandi, you don’t have to have read any of them to enjoy this engaging podcast. If you are into questioning the status quo and challenging the establishment, this podcast is for you.

  • Must have random reliable podcast in your feed

    This podcast should be in everyone's listening library. Having just hit their 1000th episode, Stuff You Should Know was early to the podcast scene and has deservedly survived the rapid growth in competition. The hosts are humorous, honest and humble and expose their audience to subjects that they may never have otherwise encountered.

  • Criminal

    It's Hot

    The best brief crime podcast on offer

    Criminal is an excellent bite size crime podcast. While ‘crime’ is this pod’s uniting theme, the topics covered in each episode are diverse - the quite minor to the very serious are covered in equal measure. Refreshingly, there is only rarely a ‘who done it?’ type of episode. They are always well researched and have a high production quality (although it means that episodes only drop once a fortnight).

  • Phoebe's Fall

    It's Hot

    Intense top crime podcast

    Amazing crime podcast which left me yelling at my phone! The boyfriend is super guilty! Top pic for crime lovers.

  • Trace - Trace

    It's Hot

    Classic crime podcast done well

    Fascinating but terribly sad story about a murder of a woman in Melbourne. Very interesting, however you just wish there was a resolution and justice was done.

  • Interesting, Australian missing persons case.

    Amazing podcast! Super interesting, entertaining with great journalism. The hosts do a great job painting the picture and keeping you on the edge of your seat. Wish there was more episodes!

  • Serial

    It's Hot

    The Godfather of all Podcasts

    Like many others, this series opened my ears to the world of Podcasts, and safe to say I have never looked back! Serial has you hanging on every word with amazing story telling and a super interesting plot. I listened to Serial on a road trip and didn't want to get out of the car when we reached the destination!

  • Great Melbourne morning show

    Love the Hot Breakfast. It was great with Mick Molloy as the comedian of the trio and I’m really interested to see what Wil Anderson brings to the table. Ed can be polarising, but he’s definitely the lightning rod for the show, which helps bring on A-grade guests.

  • Chillingly good

    Fantastic crime podcast. One of the best. I used to listen to this really often, but the episodes were delivered so well and made such an impact on my as a listener that I had to cool them off for a while. If you love crime podcasts you will absolutely love this one.

  • I love Malcolm Gladwell as a writer, but as a podcaster I wasn't blown over. He clearly treats broadcasting like he does writing — seriously. And it's a little too serious for mine. Podcasting is meant to be free-flowing and accessible to the listener but Gladwell seems to craft and control every word he says, as if he's reading from a script. The content is usually quite engaging, but overall it's hard to listen to with the seriousness of the delivery.

  • Love learning random sh*t? Love SYSK

    I really love this podcast. I've listened to it for years, on and off (mostly out of the footy season), and continue to enjoy it. Chuck and Josh have a really dynamic chemistry that makes the show all the more enjoyable than it is otherwise for its content. If you love to learn random sh*t, this one is for you. ?

  • Serial

    It's Hot


    What can you say that hasn’t already been said about the mother of all podcasts? This is the one that kicked off the need for every media outlet all over the world to make their own whodunnit podcast. If you haven’t already, listen to it, love it, and come share your thoughts.

  • Snake-oil merchant

    Another snake oil merchant selling the “make money online” dream. Listening to this guy simply reinforces to me that the only way to make easy money online is by teaching people how to make money online. ?

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