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Favourite shows

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  • The Grift

    It's Hot

    Wish there was more!

    A selection of interesting case files on various types of fraudsters from gamblers to scammers to cults.

  • True Crime favourite

    The impersonality of the anonymous host is a real drawcard to this podcast- there are many great personalities out there but these stories are well researched, well written and well delivered and the style is well suited with the host. My absolute favourite true crime podcast.

  • Rusty Hinges

    It's Hot

    Interesting and light hearted

    The host's dry sense of sarcastic humour shows through at times which may be off-putting to some listeners but the content is generally interesting though perhaps a little more on the unsubstantiated/ conspiratorial/ urban legend side of "mystery" than my usual true crime preferences. It is however a nice break from the heavier and darker content of standard true crime genre shows and does have some very interesting episodes.

  • Hidden Brain

    It's Hot

    Think smarter

    Almost always something new and interesting, a deep dive into human behaviours and their real world consequences. The host isn't afraid to challenge the views of his guests or listen to controversial experts when putting together these episodes to ensure a wide range of viewpoints is represented; and does a great job of blending narrative with science.

    • Personal Journals
  • The Tale of Conman Count Victor Lustig

    • Society & Culture
  • Close Enough

    • Science & Medicine
  • Leah Roberts

    • Society & Culture
  • Not Your Subjectn

    • Science & Medicine
  • Case 13: The Family Court Murders

    • History
  • 17: Smokescreen

    • News & Politics