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  • A Podcast of Galactic Proportions!

    As a proud lover of the Wars, though I have yet to watch them 500 TIMES, this podcast is just out of this world, you could say its from a galaxy far far away! Can't see myself not listening to this on a weekly basis!

  • A Feast Sans Crows!

    For anyone looking to listen to a detailed recap of Game of Thrones this one is for you! It's spoiler free yet so on point with the episodic details that its like rewatching the episode with a new perspective! I love the audio-bits as well as the chemistry between the hosts! I'm all in on this feast sans crows!


    I may not always agree with the constant political commentary or snide remarks, but that is no reason not to fully enjoy this podcast. I love the hosts, their banter, and their perspectives on GOT as well as the (whisper) OFF SEASON TOUR specials. Cannot wait to join them on their next journey post-GOT!

  • RFR: The Future of Star Wars

    • Star Wars
  • Introducing The Storm: A Lost Re-Watch Podcast

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  • Introducing The Storm: A Lost Re-Watch Podcast

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