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Favourite shows

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  • Atlanta Monster

    It's Not

    I was so excited about this podcast and it was strong for the first few episodes but as the episodes moved on, it felt off topic at times and as though the true subject matter of the podcast was lost.

  • Today, Explained

    It's Hot

    Intentionally listen daily! A must subscribe and listen!

  • Have enjoyed all 4 seasons of this podcast. The only negative? It ends. Go listen!!

  • Obsessed as of late! Liked this from 1st listen

  • This is Love

    It's Hot

    Love these stories and the truth of how diverse love is. You can’t listen and not feel moved by these stories.

  • A strong true crime podcast with a fantastic style of storytelling. I love the mystery of not knowing the host too. It’s ALL about the casefile.

  • S-Town

    It's Hot

    Listen, because all of us have an S-Town we’re dealing with.

  • An important podcast!

    I respect the hosts passion for bringing awareness to the cases of missing people who could otherwise continue to have no press and no attention on their case. Not every story is a happy ending but families deserve answers. Thanks for such a powerful pod!

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