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  • Word Salad Radio

    It's Hot

    There's a reason to love this.

    A frankensteinian mishmash of different loosely related ideas, the central underpinning of which is that sometimes the best movies and TV aren't the popular ones. You probably won't fall in love with everything. But there's almost certainly something in here that will catch your interest.

  • Inspired Lunacy

    I'm a new listener who has a lengthy backlog to work through, but I am addicted to the mayhem on display here.

  • Remarkable!

    I'm not a fan of kids, but there's something so utterly endearing about the dynamic between little Alistair and his dad Jef that it overrides. It doesn't hurt that there's a clear love for every stripe of horror.

  • Consider me hooked.

    I'm still relatively new to the show, having only heard 10 episodes so far, but consider me hooked. The episodic nature of individual episodes, crossed against the larger overview plot, is deliciously thrilling and a great way to lure in listeners and KEEP them.

  • Chills and Laughs

    A winning cocktail of the paranormal and true crime, of chills and laughs. Christine and Em have impeccable chemistry, and their banter is quick, quippy, and a perfect relief from the crawling horror of the stories they share. Can't recommend it strongly enough.

  • The Film Reroll

    It's Hot


    Combining my loves of film and tabletop, Film Reroll's wonderful cast and crew have demonstrated a keen awareness not only for what makes a movie great- but also how to completely skewer the sillier parts of cinema.

  • Up First

    It's Hot

    Quick and tidy news

    There's a few of these "cup of coffee" news podcasts around now. I like this one because it doesn't feel biased. It tells me what I should be aware of, does so in less than 15 minutes, and gets out of the way before it's tiresome.

  • Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

    • Business
  • Ep 63: Pokemon The First Movie (Part 1)

    • Podcasts
  • Ep 62: Aladdin (Part 4)

    • Podcasts
  • MAG 12 First Aid

    • Arts
  • Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

    • Business
  • 72 - Phantom of the Paradise (1974)

    • TV & Film
  • Episode 113: Word of Mouth

    • History
  • 61 - Who the Al is RE-ANIMATOR?

    • TV & Film