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Favourite shows

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  • Find myself yelling at hosts while listening

    Not one of my favorites but I do listen. Hosts are not well educated on crime or the law. They did a good, thorough treatment on the Golden State Killer series, and got lucky with the news breaking of the GSKs capture right in the middle of their reporting of it!

  • Sword and Scale

    It's Hot

    Creepy and creative!

    So creepy! Mike’s voice and narrative (not to mention great music) deliver the perfect “creep” factor. In-depth and graphic, this pod is not for the faint-of-heart. Covers famous stories as well as some lesser-known but important stories/subjects. Excellent!

  • Meh

    Love the production value, don’t love the anticlimactic, meandering stories that don’t go anywhere or do anything new.

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