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  • Night Vale shines bright

    This is the first fiction podcast I ever listened to and it’s still my favorite. Cecil, the host of a friendly public access show in a strange desert community, played by the wonderfully talented Cecil Baldwin, is your window into the world of Night Vale. Through his radio show you meet a quirky cast of characters who’s adventures range from delightfuly silly to downright spooky. Each episode expands a rich universe (or potentially multiverse *spoiler*) where all the spooky urban legends and forgotten folk tales become part of the fabric of Night Vale’s world. Not only is this biweekly podcast a great ongoing story, you get occasional guest voices and live shows across the United States and internationally. I’ve been to 4 of them and had a great time with the actors and the family of fans! You’ll also get a a music filled weather forecast from a great band you may not have heard of. I highly recommend this podcast.

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