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  • A top true crime podcast covering lesser known UK crimes

    I love TTCE for several reasons... First of all, I like the fact that the same murder cases aren't covered over & over! This leads me to a second thing I find admirable about TCCE is he follows, listens, reviews, & even promotes other podcasts! One reason is to make sure the same cases aren't covered by same pods but also because of his genuine interest in all true crime. I found that the TCCE WordPress Blog gave positive & sincere reviews to the podcasts that are above & beyond. No need to harp on the negative! Also, tc books are also reviewed here. Last & definitely not least (prob most importantly), these episodes are well researched, tasteful, & done in a pleasing male English accent. 😉

  • A MUST-Listen For All True Crime Fans

    The OUT OF THE SHADOWS podcast is an AMAZING listen. The first few episodes are standalone & very well covered with factual, no nonsense narration. Following these individual episodes is a serial set, (pun intended) on The Bible Belt Strangler, a killer still-at-large, murderer to the little-known "redhead murders." Follow this private investigator as he chronicles his journey into the darkness to give names to a set of women who have remained Jane Does for 35 years. A heartfelt & factual investigation that is a MUST LISTEN for all true crime fans!!

  • Redhead Murders, Part 1; There is a Serial Killer

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  • Sister Cathy Cesnik, Part 1 : In The Beginning

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