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Audio-Technica 2020




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Clip from Puttin' In Work with Jono Pech using the Audio-Technica 2020
, host of

Why buy the Audio-Technica 2020?

This is a good quality microphone for a very reasonable price. It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles that others in the higher price category offer but it’s more than you need to get started. It’s the perfect entry-level mic for Indi podcasters. We think its best features are:  
  • It’s made to isolate and capture desired sounds from unwanted background noise — the cardioid polar pattern makes this happen by reducing sounds picked up from the sides and rear of the microphone.
  • Easy, precise handling — the microphone comes with a pivoting, threaded stand mount which securely cradles the mic so you won’t have any concerns about its placement while you’re concentrating on producing content.
  • Extended frequency and high grade transient response — which the custom-made low-mass diaphragm achieves to ensure that all audio is captured crisply and clearly.
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A versatile entry-level mic that can achieve a professional sound if you know what you're doing.

Joe Tavano, host of Agents of SHIELD: Case Files

One of the least expensive good-quality condenser mics available, the AT2020 is a great solution for guests with poor mic discipline. It will pick up some audio even if the speaker is not facing the "sweet spot", though that means it also has poor noise rejection. You should consider taking steps to isolate the mic if you have several people speaking at the same time, either with physical acoustic insulation or electronically with side-chain compression. If you get the XLR version, remember that it needs phantom power.

Mike Hammock, host of Tales from the Glass-Guarded World

After using several different microphones, I found the 2020 to be the best microphone at the best price for my needs. I use a pop filter to guard against excess noise but this microphone has continued to deliver great sound and ease of use for my podcast. I shudder to mention the hundreds and hundreds of dollars I spent on others that this model has worked circles around.

Jason Leenaarts, host of Revolutionary You!

The Audio-Technica 2020 came recommended by music professionals for a great mid-line microphone. It is simple, functional and durable. The sound quality is great and I haven’t had any issues with it within the 2 years of use. My podcast recordings are never in the same spot so these pics have held up well to being toted all around the city.

, host of KILTER&MINT

This entry-level condenser microphone has all the studio sound quality Audio-Technica is known for, with the practical simplicity you want in a home studio setup. Thanks to the USB output, you can just plug in and go. It's the perfect mic when you don't want to invest in a mixing desk or other high-end gear, but you still want clarity and control over your sound for a polished end result.

Jono Pech, host of Puttin' In Work with Jono Pech

The versatility of the Audio Technica AT2020 USB Microphone is fantastic. The mic is plug and play which makes it very easy to use even for those just starting out. It’s the microphone I prefer using and I haven’t found a reason to switch to anything else.

Frank Angelone, host of STZ Podcast - Interviews With Well Known Entrepreneurs

I recommend the Audio Technica AT2020USB for my podcast and audiobook recording clients. For the price, I like the sound of the mic in terms of frequency response and sensitivity. It seems to work well for the range of voices I encounter in day-to-day-operations.

David Wolf, host of Simplify Your Small Business Podcast

Under the hood

  • Patterns: Cardioid
  • Dimensions: 6.38 x 2.05 in (16.21 x 5.21 cm)
  • Weight: 0.76 pound (345 grams)
  • Noise: 20 dB SPL
  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Max input sound level: 144 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 1% T.H.D.
  • Dynamic range: 74 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa