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Clip from Beyond The Trope using the Shure SM58
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Why buy the Shure SM58?

For indie hosts who don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive studio equipment, you can’t go passed the Shure SM58, a fantastic entry-level mic that bats well above its weight on performance and durability. Here are our top three reasons to buy it:
  • Built for voice — Shure had vocalists in mind when it designed the SM58, which makes it a wonderful mic for podcasters. It’s built with a spherical filter to reduce the infiltration of pop noise and wind and a unidirectional pickup pattern to block out many of the unwanted background sounds that other mics absorb.  
  • Toughness — The SM58 is very popular among touring musicians and one of the reasons for that is its physical toughness. Built with a solid, metal casing and steel mesh grille, if you’re looking to buy a mic that will survive inevitable drops and rough-handling, you can’t go wrong here.
  • Peace of mind — When you buy a Shure mic what you’re really buying is almost one hundred years of design superiority and manufacturing experience. That means peace of mind, knowing that you’ve invested in a piece of recording equipment that will last you the better part of a lifetime.
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I’ve been using Shure SM58 microphones on my podcast Insane Ramblings for years now and am very happy with the results. We went through a variety of different microphones and recording setups in the early days but since landing on the SM58’s we have never looked back. They’re affordable, durable and most importantly they sound great. They’re also super easy to use, you just plug it into a mixer with an XLR cable and you’re good to go.

Ben Moore, host of Insane Ramblings

This has been an industry standard dynamic mic for decades. With excellent noise rejection and wonderful characteristics for speaking or even singing, it's hard to go wrong with the SM58, especially at the price. It also has a strong proximity effect; getting right up close to the mic gives better bass response (and this requires better mic discipline for your talent--they need to maintain the same distance from their mic to maintain that full sound).

Mike Hammock, host of Tales from the Glass-Guarded World

For the Heroes By The Pint there was only one clear choice when it came to picking a microphone. That was the Shure SM58. You will find this mic in studios across the world. With a tired and true quality and an affordable price tag of just $99 it’s the perfect mic. I personally have worked this Mic for 20 plus years using it all across the Midwest as a touring musician. From dive bars to a weekly produced show its versatility and dependability truly is unmatched. You can hear it for yourself each and every Monday on a new episode of Heroes By The Pint.

Matthew Ellis, host of HEROES BY THE PINT

The Shure SM58 has been a vocalist mainstay for more than thirty years. It's durable, reliable, and can be used in both live and studio settings with only a few tweaks and a windscreen. To connect it to a computer for podcasting, it does require a USB mixer, but unlike sensitive studio microphones, sound-dampening or soundproofing isn't as necessary to cut out background noise. If you have the right equipment, that lack of sensitivity also makes this mic perfect for on-location recording of live podcast events and interviews with the "man on the street."

Giles Hash, host of Beyond The Trope

With the Shure SM58 I can control the amount of ambient sounds the microphone picks up by moving the mic closer or farther away from whom ever I am interviewing. This gives me control over what parts I want to sound more intimate and what parts I want to sound more corporate. Also, the Shure SM58 is very well built. It is durable and well suited for those of us that not quite have learned the skill of taking care of our equipment in the manner we should. There is nothing worse than showing up to do an interview and the microphone is not recording good sound because it got whacked and tossed about a bit in transport.

Ehsan Noroozi, host of Onlinefolket - Kanske Sveriges bästa podcast

Under the hood

  • Patterns: Cardioid
  • Dimensions: 6.4 x 2 in (16.3 x 5.1 cm)
  • Weight: 0.66 pound (297.7 grams)
  • Frequency Response:  50 to 15,000 Hz